General Information]^

General Information

Machines available on site (Countery of Acer)

Acer Aspire T650:
17" LCD diplay Intel Celeron D 345, 256 MB RAM, 80GB, DVD,
Windows XP-Home edition.
There is a serial port in each machine.

Testing of machines and Contest rooms

Machines are available for testing between 10am--4pm Saturday, September 3, 2005. Please kindly send us an email ( in advance if you want to test them during this period of time. Contest hall will be officially opened for tournaments at 8:30am September 5 (Sunday).

You can reinstall a machine with your own selected OS, however, you need to bring your own installation CD/DVD to do so yourself.

Internet access is available in the contest rooms. It is also possible to get wireless internet. Please contact the registration desk.

For Chinese chess, the contest room is IIS room 107.

For the rest, the contest room is IIS room 101.

The contest rooms will be locked each day after the final game and will be reopened each day at 8:30am. You can leave the machines in the rooms or carry them each day.

Past Events

Schedule of Contests (Tentative, last updated Aug 29, 2005)

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List of Programs that have registered so far

Final list of participants participantsCO10.html (updated August 29, 2005)