Institute of Information Science Academia Sinica
Topic: Can these photos be trusted?
Speaker: Prof. Alex C KOT (The School of EEE and Associate Dean for the College of Engineering)
Date: 2012-03-02 (Fri) 10:30 – 12:00
Location: Auditorium 101 at new IIS Building
Host: Mark Liao


With the fast proliferation of digital cameras and other image acquisition devices due to the advancement in digital photography technology, photos from the public may have good news values for making journalist reports. However, one big challenge is how to authenticate the photo contents from the public, which may come from unreliable sources. A large variety of forensics works have been proposed to address various forensic challenges based on different types of tell-tale signs. This talk introduces several techniques for: (1) Accurate detection of image demosaicing regularity as a general type of image forensics features. (2) Identification of various common image source models including digital still cameras, RAW conversion tools and the low-end mobile cameras; (3) Universal detection of a wide range of common image tampering and (4) Prevention of the image recapturing threat. These techniques help expose common image forgeries, especially those easy-to-make forgeries, which can be hardly seen directly by human eyes. The common theme behind these forensics techniques is through statistical detection of some intrinsic image regularity or tampering anomalies.


Dr Kot has been with the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore since 1991. He headed the Division of Information Engineering at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering for eight years until 2005. The Division’s research focuses are on signal processing for image, video, speech and audio. He started serving as Vice-Dean (Research) for the School of EEE in 2005 and became Associate Dean for the College of Engineering in 2008. He is currently a Professor at the School of EEE and Associate Dean for the College of Engineering. He has published extensively with over 200 technical papers and 3 patents in the areas of signal processing for communication, biometrics recognition, data-hiding, authentication and media forensics. 

Dr. Kot served as Associate Editor for the IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, IEEE Trans. on Multimedia, IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology; and IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems Part II as well as Part I. He also served as Guest Editor for the Special Issues for the IEEE Trans/ on CSVT and JASP. He is currently Associate Editor for the IEEE Trans. on Information, Forensics and Security, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing and IEEE Signal Processing Letter. He is also Editor for the EURASIP Journal of Advanced Signal Processing, the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine and the IEEE Journal of the Special Topics in Signal Processing. He is an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Fundamental and Theory in Signal Processing. He serves in the IEEE CAS Visual Signal Processing and Communication, the IEEE SPS Image and Video Multi-dimensional Signal Processing and IEEE SPS Information Forensic and Security technical committees. He has served the IEEE Society in various capacities such as the General Co-Chair for the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) and Chair of the worldwide SPS Chapter Chairs and the Distinguished Lecturer program. He serves as IEEE Fellow Evaluation Committee. He received the Best Teacher of the Year Award and is a co-author for several Best Paper Awards including ICPR, WIFS and IWDW. He was the IEEE Distinguished Lecturer in 2005 and 2006 and is a Fellow of IEEE and IES.