Institute of Information Science Academia Sinica
Topic: Video Acceleration Library
Speaker: Dr. Ken Lueh (Intel Corporation)
Date: 2012-07-16 (Mon) 15:30 – 17:00
Location: Auditorium 106 at New IIS Building
Host: Jan-Jan Wu


User experience is an important differentiating feature for Intel future products. Perceptual computing (e.g., face recognition, gesture recognition and object tracking), usually demanding high computational power, plays a crucial role in enriching user experience. With the integrated graphic processors are becoming ubiquitous, new languages are developed to address GPGPU programmability, e.g., OpenCL, Compute Shader, MS C AMP. Writing applications using those languages, although achieving portability, does not guarantee to fully exploit the underneath HW features. The talk presents an on-going video acceleration library effort that provides C/C interface that numerous users are comfortable and familiar with while minimizing the runtime overhead between CPU and GPU and fully leveraging Intel Video Analytic Fixed Functions.