• K.T. Li Young Researcher Award
  • 張原豪博士榮獲 IEEE電腦學會台北支會- 2018年評審特別獎。
  • 本所助研究員馬偉雲博士及其團隊參加IJCNLP 2017中文情緒預測國際競賽,總成績榮獲第3名,短語arousal項目榮獲第1名
  • 本所助研究員馬偉雲博士及其團隊榮獲IALP 2017最佳論文獎
  • 謝清俊博士榮獲2017行政院傑出科技貢獻獎
  • 陳伶志博士升等為本所研究員
  • 張原豪老師獲前瞻計畫
  • 張原豪老師傑出電機工程教授獎
  • 鐘楷閔第五屆「年輕學者創新獎」
  • 恭賀本所李德財院士榮獲伊利諾大學傑出校友獎
  • 生物資訊實驗室
  • 電腦系統實驗室
  • 資料處理與探勘實驗室
  • 多媒體技術實驗室
  • 語言與知識處理實驗室跑馬燈
  • 網路實驗室banner
  • 程式語言與形式方法實驗室
  • 計算理論實驗室
  • 深度報導1
  • 深度報導2
  • 實驗室特寫
  • 人物焦點
  • 創意發想
  • 開放式災害管理系統
  • 卓越演講系列影片紀錄


  • 排版用圖片 Congratulations to Dr. Kai-Min Chung for receiving the 2017 “K.T. Li Young Researcher Award” from the Institute of Information & Computing Machinery.
  • 排版用圖片 Congratulations to Dr. Yuan-Hao Chang for receiving the 2018 Honorable Mention from IEEE Computer Society Taipei Section.
  • 排版用圖片 The team led by Dr. Wei-Yun Ma participated the shard task of DSAP held in IJCNLP 2017, and won Top3 on overall results and Top1 on phrasal arousal.
  • 排版用圖片 The paper by Dr. Wei-Yun Ma and his team members - 「Embedding Wikipedia Title Based on Its Wikipedia Text and Categories」 - received the Best Paper Award in IALP 2017
  • 排版用圖片 Congratulations to Dr. Ching-Chun Hsieh for receiving the 2017 Executive Yuan Award for Outstanding Science and Technology Contribution.
  • 排版用圖片 Congratulations to Dr. Ling-Jyh Chen for being promoted to Research Fellow, effective December 20th, 2017.
  • 排版用圖片 Congratulations to Dr. Yuan-Hao Chang for receiving the 2018 Academia Sinica Career Development Award.
  • 排版用圖片 Congratulations to Dr. Yuan-Hao Chang for receiving the Outstanding Electrical Engineer Professor Award 2017 from the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering.




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  • Data Insights Research Laboratory Postdoctoral Research Fellow / Data Scientist
  • Lab. of Chu-Song Chen Postdoctoral fellow