1985 Subject Index
  1. Database Management
  2. Image Processing
  3. Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages Grammars
  1. Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems
  2. Pattern Recognition

    Database Management
  1. Imprecise Database, Imprecise Queries and View Navigation
    Howard M. Dreizen and Shi-Kuo Chang......Vol. 1, No.1, pp.21-43

    Image Processing

  2. A New Thinning Algorithm for Removing Noise-Spurs and Retaining End-Points
    Jun S. Huang and Wen J. Lee......Vol.1, No.1, pp.45-57

  3. A Semantic-Syntactic Approach to Image Analysis
    King-Sun Fu......Vol.1, No.1, pp.1-20

    Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages Grammars

  4. On Properties of Extended LL(K) Grammars
    I-Peng Lin and Ching-Chi Hsu......Vol.1, No.1, pp.73-81

    Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems

  5. The Optimality of the Number of K-Sorters of a Parallel Merging Algorithm
    S. S. Tseng and R. C. T. Lee......Vol. 1, No.1, pp.59-71

    Pattern Recognition

  6. Pattern Recognition by Dynamic Look-up-Table Programming-The Dynamic Pyramid Approach
    Yung-Lung Ma and Jung-Shin Jour......Vol.1, No.1, pp.83-97