July 31, 1998 Updated by Ms. Jade Y.S. Hsu
Vol.1 No.1, pp.1-20 (January 1985)

A Semantic-Syntactic Approach
to Image Analysis

King-Sun Fu
School of Electrical Engineering,
Purdue University,
W. Lafayette, Indiana 47907, U.S.A

        Many mathematical methods have been proposed for solving image analysis problems. They can be grouped into two major approaches, decision-theoretic or statistical approach and structural or syntactic approach. From the point of view of pattern representation and description, we can discuss image analysis in terms of a unified semantic-syntactic approach. This paper will describe the basic formulation of this approach and discuss a major result in syntax-semantics tradeoff. Recognition methods based on this proposed approach and their implementations will also be discussed.

This work was supported by tne NSF Grant ECS 81-19886.


  1. A Semantic-Syntactic Approach to Image Analysis
  2. Imprecise Database, Imprecise Queries and View Navigation
  3. A New Thinning Algorithm for Removing Noise-Spurs and Retaining End-points
  4. The Optimality of the Number of k-Sorters of a Parallel Merging Algorithm
  5. On Properties of Extended LL(k) Grammars
  6. Pattern Recognition by Dynamic Look-up-Table Programming -The Dynamic Pyramid Approach