July 31, 1998 Updated by Ms. Jade Y.S. Hsu
Vol.1 No.1, pp.21-43 (January 1985)

Imprecise Database, Imprecise Queries and
View Navigation

Howard M. Dreizen and Shi-Kuo Chang
Illinois Institute of Technology,
Information Systems Laboratory,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Chicago IL U.S.A.

        By comparison to the common handling of office forms and files, it is argued that 1NF relations are sufficient representation only for precise data organizations: data organizations which are declared to represent fixed types of data, with fixed relationships between the data, and where all data added meet the preconceived expectations. A limited class of non-1NF relations are suggested to represent an imprecise database which admits exceptional conditions to a data organization. An imprecise view navigation system is described to allow unsophisticated users to access the imprecise database. Such a database system would interact with the user more affectionately than so-called 'user-friendly' systems.


  1. A Semantic-Syntactic Approach to Image Analysis
  2. Imprecise Database, Imprecise Queries and View Navigation
  3. A New Thinning Algorithm for Removing Noise-Spurs and Retaining End-points
  4. The Optimality of the Number of k-Sorters of a Parallel Merging Algorithm
  5. On Properties of Extended LL(k) Grammars
  6. Pattern Recognition by Dynamic Look-up-Table Programming -The Dynamic Pyramid Approach