1987 Subject Index
  1. Computer Vision and Image Processing
  2. Data Files
  1. Information Systems and Applications

    Computer Vision and Image Processing
  1. A Computing Architecture of Adjustable Convolution System for Image Processing
    Po-Ning Chen, Yung-Sheng Chen and Wen-Hsing Hsu......Vol. 3, No.1, pp.63-79

  2. Fast Progressive Image Transmission without Table Look-up, Computation and Error Propagation
    Soo-Chang Pei, Sy-Been Jaw and In-Chen Chu......Vol. 3, No.1, pp.81-95

  3. Image Restoration Using a Nonstationary Image Model
    Long-Wen Chang and Jien-Hua Huang......Vol. 3, No.1, pp.111-124

  4. Machine Vision for Industry Prospects and Future Trends
    Joseph Wilder......Vol. 3, No.1, pp.1-37

  5. A Model-Constrained Rule Based Pattern Matching System for Object Recognition
    Yu-Shan Fong and Ramprasad A. Shetty......Vol. 3, No.1, pp.39-62

  6. A New 2D Quadrature Mirror FIR Filters for Image Sub-Band Coding
    Soo-Chang Pei and Sy-Been Jaw......Vol. 3, No.1, pp.97-109

  7. Texture Synthesis in Image Processing and Computer Graphics
    L. W. Chang and Hon-Wen Pon......Vol. 3, No.1, pp.125-133


  8. Gray Codel as a De-clustering Scheme for Concurrent Disk Retrieval
    C. C. Chang and C. Y. Chen......Vol.3, No.2, pp.177-188

  9. Some Properties of Cartesian Product Files for Disk Modulo Allocation Method in a Two-Disk System
    C. C. Chang and C. Y. Chen......Vol.3, No.2, pp.151-176

    Information Systems and Applications

  10. Multi-User Decision Support Systems
    Michael S. Y. Wang and Donald R. Jones......Vol.3, No.2, pp.135-150