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Journal of Inforamtion Science and Engineering, Vol.8 No.2, pp.261-281 (June 1992)
Prosodic Rules for Connected Mandarin Synthesis

Ngor-Chi Chan and Chorkin Chan
Department of Computer Science
University of Hong Kong

Prosodic rules that enable a system to convert Chinese text into fluent Mandarin are presented. The system reads the input text, applies prosodic rules to each of the sentences and finally controls a Multi-pulse LPC synthesizer for speech generation. The input to the system is in a modified Pinyin convention in which each syllable in Pinyin is terminated with a digit specifying its tone, and hyphens are used for joining syllables of the same lesicon (word). Instead of focusing on the syntactic structure of the input text, the system determines the coupling tightness between the syllables according to some sommon speaking habits and segments the text into levels of prosodic blocks. At different levels, defferent prosodic rules are applied.

Keywords: speech synthesis, connected speech synthesis, mandarin synthesis, prosodic rules, machine speech, multi-pulse LPC synthesis

Received September 27, 1990; revised February 21, 1992.
Communicated by Lin-Shan Lee.