1995 Subject Index
  1. Algorithms
  2. Aritificial Intelligence
  3. Chinese Information Processing
  4. Communication Networks
  5. Compilers
  6. Computer Graphics
  7. Data Security
  8. Database
  9. Distributed Systems
  1. Local Area Networks
  2. Networks
  3. Neural Networks
  4. Parallel Compilers
  5. Parallel Processing
  6. Pattern Recognition
  7. Programming Language
  8. Security
  9. Software Engineering

  1. Shortest Weighted Length Addition Chains
    Yuh-Jiun Chen, Chin-Chen Chang and Wei-Pang Yang......Vol. 11, No.2, pp.295-305

    Aritificial Intelligence

  2. Design of a Self-Adaptive Brain Tumor Diagnostic System
    Ching-Hung Wang, Shian-Shyong Tseng and Tzung-Pei Hong......Vol.11, No.2, pp.275-294

    Chinese Information Processing

  3. A Locally Adaptive Coding Scheme for Chinese Text Files
    Henry Ker-Chang Chang and Shing-Hong Chen......Vol. 11, No.1, pp.51-71

  4. A Stroke-Based Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition System Using Greedy Matching Method
    Ai-Jia Hsieh, Kuo-Chin Fan, Tzu-I Fan and Chin-Wen Ho......Vol.11, No.1, pp.1-22

  5. Approximating False Hits of Disyllabic Terms in a Chinese Signature
    Tyne Liang, Suh-Yin Lee and Wei-Piang Yang......Vol. 11, No.1, pp.35-49

  6. Different Probabilistic Language Models for Natural Language Generation: Comparison and Combination
    Hsin-Hsi Chen and Yue-Shi Lee......Vol. 11, No.1, pp.89-108

  7. Error-Correcting Isomorphism of Directed Graphs by Genetic-Based Search
    Yuan-Kai Wang, Kuo-Chin Fan and Jorng-Tzong Horng......Vol.11, No.1, pp.127-151

  8. Neural Network Learning and Encoding of Thematic Role Assignments in Parsing of Simple Chinese Sentences
    Koong H. C. Lin, Tung-Bo Chen and Von-Wun Soo......Vol. 11, No.1, pp.109-126

  9. Speaker Identification Based on Continuous Mandarin Digits Using Small Training Data and Fast Algorithms
    Chung-Hsien Wu, Jau-Hung Chen and Jhing-Fa Wang......Vol. 11, No.1, pp.73-87

  10. Speeding up Contextual Postprocessing by Using a Dictionary with Compressed Two-Character Indices
    Cheng-Huang Tung and Hsi-Jian Lee ......Vol.11, No.1, pp.23-34

    Communication Networks

  11. Media Access Protocol Impact on a WDMA Passive Star Photonic Network with Distributed Shared Memory System
    I-Shyan Hwang and Patrick W. Dowd......Vol.11, No.3, pp.345-369

  12. Overflow Process Approximations in a Multi-Class Isochronous Traffic Environment
    Chien-Hwa Chiou, Zsehong Tsai and Jin-Fu Chang......Vol.11, No.3, pp.323-343


  13. Constructing a Language-Based Editor with Object-Oriented Techniques
    Chung-Hua Hu, Feng-Jian Wang, and Jei-Chung Wang......Vol.11, No.4, pp.541-565

    Computer Graphics

  14. The Modeling and Animation of Human Hair
    Zen-Chung Shih and Hurng-Dar Guo......Vol.11, No.3, pp.465-488

    Data Security

  15. A New Dynamic Access Control Method Using Locks
    Jinn-Ke Jan and Min-Jinn Jan......Vol.11, No.3, pp.371-389


  16. A Priority-Based Scheduling Algorithm for Real-Time Databases
    Sang Hyuk Son and Seog Park......Vol.11, No.2, pp.233-248

  17. Optimal Two-Attribute Cartesian Product Files for Orthogonal Range Queries
    Annie Y. H. Chou, Wei-Pang Yang and Chin-Chen Chang......Vol.11, No.4, pp.625-647

  18. Reformulating Semantic Integrity Constraints Precisely
    Heng-Li Yang......Vol.11, No.4, pp.513-540

    Distributed Systems

  19. Distributed Self-Stabilizing Systems
    Lih-Chyau Wuu and Shing Tsaan Huang......Vol.11, No.2, pp.307-319

    Local Area Networks

  20. A Distributed Topology Learning Algorithm for LAN Interconnection-Analysis and Complexity Comparisons
    Jean-Lien C. Wu and Tsang-Min Chen......Vol.11, No.2, pp.207-232


  21. Adaptive Routing in VP-based ATM Networks
    Ren-Hung Hwang......Vol.11, No.4, pp.595-624

    Neural Networks

  22. An Optimal Design of Fuzzy (m, n) Rank Order Filtering with Hard Decision Neural Learning
    Rong-Chung Chen and Pao-Ta Yu......Vol.11, No.4, pp.567-593

  23. Construction of Neural Networks from Desicion Trees
    Shie-Jue Lee, Mu-Tune Jone and Hsien-Leing Tsai......Vol.11, No.3, pp.391-415

    Parallel Compilers

  24. Applications and Performance Analysis of An Optimization Approach for List Scheduling Algorithms on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors
    Yeh-Ching Chung, Chia-Cheng Liu and Jenshiuh Liu......Vol.11, No.2, pp.155-181

    Parallel Processing

  25. Embeddings and Communication Algorithms in Faulty Hypercubes
    Jin-Kun Wang......Vol.11, No.2, pp.249-274

  26. Fast Subcube Compaction in Hypercubes with the Buddy Allocation Strategy
    Hsing-Lung Chen......Vol.11, No.3, pp.453-463

  27. Poisson Generators on Mesh-Connected Computers with Multiple Broadcasing
    Yu-Song Hou and Rong-Jaye Chen......Vol.11, No.4, pp.663-673

    Pattern Recognition

  28. Fuzzy Adaptive Hamming Net for Pattern Clustering
    Cheng-An Hung and Sheng-Fuu Lin......Vol.11, No.4, pp.491-511

    Programming Language

  29. A New Method Dispatcher to Improve Execution Speed for Object-Oriented Programming Systems
    Deng-Jyi Chen, Shih-Kun Huang and Wu-Chi Chen......Vol.11, No.4, pp.649-661


  30. A Cascade Exponentiation Evaluation Scheme Based on the Lempel-Ziv-Welch Compression Algorithm
    Chin-Chen Chang, Woan-Jing Horng and Daniel J. Buehrer......Vol.11, No.3, pp.417-431

    Software Engineering

  31. A Validation Assistant for A Distributed Office Information System Modeled by Office Procedure Model
    Fang Yie Leu, Shi-Kuo Chang and Chien-Chiao Yang......Vol.11, No.2, pp.183-206

  32. The Evolution of an Object-Oriented Specification for Compilers
    Pei-Chi Wu and Feng-Jian Wang......Vol.11, No.3, pp.433-452