1997 Subject Index
  1. Algorithms
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Chinese Recognition
  4. CPU Hardware
  5. Databases
  6. Digital System Design
  7. File Processing
  1. Graphs Theory
  2. High-speech Networks
  3. Neural Networks
  4. Parallel Processing
  5. Real-Time and Media Systems
  6. Signal Processing
  7. Software Engineering

  1. Construction N£^ Latin Squares for£^°ŕ2£\
    Shian-Shyong Tseng, Bertrand M.T. Lin and Sue Huei Liu......Vol.13, No.4, pp. 605-613

    Artificial Intelligence

  2. An Object-Oriented Approach to Knowledge Acquisition
    Bingchiang Jeng and Meng Chang Chen......Vol.13, No.4, pp. 563-583

    Chinese Recognition

  3. Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using Stroke Structural Sequence Code
    Chi-Wei Lee and Zen Chen......Vol.13, No.4, pp. 631-648

    CPU Hardware

  4. A Uniform and Squared Direct Two's Complement Multiplier
    Hao-Yung Lo......Vol.13, No.1, pp.171-179


  5. Informance in The Extended Fuzzy Relational Database
    Ding-An Chiang, Louis R. Chow and Nan-Chen Hsien......Vol.13, No.1, pp.1-27

  6. The Design and Implementation of An Easy-to-Use Object-Oriented Database (EODB)
    Wen-Wei Pan and Wei-Pang Yang......Vol.13, No.1, pp.29-61

  7. VDBMS: A Solution to Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources
    Shu-Chin Su Chen, Mike Yu, Yen-Yao Yao, San-Yih Hwang and B. Paul Lin......Vol.13, No.4, pp. 585-603

    Digital System Design

  8. Does There Exist a Combinational TSC Checker for 1/3 Code Using Only Primitive Gates?
    Wen-Feng Chang and Cheng-Wen Wu......Vol.13, No.4, pp.681-695

    File Processing

  9. Multidisk Smaller sized MKH File Allocation for Partial Match Retrieval
    C.Y. Chen, H.F. Lin, C.C. Chang and R.C.T. Lee......Vol.13, No.1, pp.125-141

    Graphs Theory

  10. Computing Dominators on Interval Graphs
    Tzong-Wann Kao and Shi-Jinn Horng......Vol.13, No.4, pp. 615-629

    High-Speech Networks

  11. Performance of A Multicast ATM Switch with Finite Input and Output Buffers
    Zsehong Tsai and Ta-Chun Lo......Vol.13, No.1, pp.143-154

    Neural Networks

  12. A Concurrent Training Algorithm for Supervised Learning in Artificial Neural Networks
    C.R. Chow and C.H. Chu......Vol.13, No.2, pp.267-291

  13. A Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Fuzzy Rule Verification, Refinement and Generation
    Hahn-Ming Lee, Fu-Tyan Lin and Jyh-Ming Chen......Vol.13, No.2, pp.311-333

  14. A Hierarchical Neural Network for Hidden Markov Models
    Wen-Kuang Chou......Vol.13, No.2, pp.207-234

  15. A Match-Based Clustering Neural Network for Stable Category Learning of Multiple-Value patterns
    Cheng-An Hung and Sheng-Fuu Lin......Vol.13, No.4, pp. 543-562

  16. A New SCHMM/MNN Hybrid Model for Mandarin Speech Recognition
    Shin-Lun Tung and Yau-Trang Juang......Vol.13, No.2, pp.355-365

  17. Conglomerate'Neural Network Architectures: The Way Ahead for Simulating Early Language Development
    Syed Sibte Raza Abidi and Khrushid Ahmad......Vol.13, No.2, pp.235-266

  18. Neural Mesh for The Steiner Tree Problem
    Cheng-Yuan Liou and Quan-Ming Chang......Vol.13, No.2, pp.335-354

  19. Sampling Effects on Trajectory Production and Attractor Prediction
    Daw-Tung Lin......Vol.13, No.2, pp.293-310

  20. Stable Input-Output Linearization Using Static Neural Networks
    A. Delgado......Vol.13, No.2, pp.183-206

    Parallel Processing

  21. A Parallel Maximal Cliques Algorithm for Interval Graphs with Applications
    Chi-Su Wang and Ruay-Shiung Chang......Vol.13, No.4, pp. 649-663

  22. Extended Tree Contraction for Some parallel Algorithms on Series-Parallel Networks
    Jeng-Jung Wang, Shih-Yih Wang, Lih-Hsiang Hsu and Ting-Yi Sung......Vol.13, No.4, pp. 665-680

  23. Performance of Multi-Rate Data Flow Graphs for Concurrent Processing
    Daniel Y. Chao......Vol.13, No.1, pp.85-123

    Real-Time and Media Systems

  24. Criticality-Based Load Adjustment in Adaptive Real-Time Systems
    Shie-Kai Ni, Tei-Wei Kuo and Giun-Haur Huang......Vol.13, No.3, pp.447-460

  25. Design and Implementation of A Memory-Based Object Server for Hand-Held Computers
    Mei-Ling Chiang, Paul C.H. Lee, Shih-Yueh Lo and Ruei-Chuan Chang......Vol.13, No.3, pp.431-446

  26. Design and Model of A Rate-Based Flow Control Scheme
    An-Chi Liu and Yee-Hsiang Chang......Vol.13, No.3, pp.489-516

  27. Efficient Utilization of Zoned-Disk Bandwidth for Video Servers
    Shiao-Li Tsao and Yueh-Min Huang......Vol.13, No.3, pp.399-416

  28. On Multicast Routing in Clos Networks
    Jan-Ming Ho, De-Ron Liang and Kuo-Hui Tsai......Vol.13, No.3, pp.417-429

  29. On Multicast Routing in Single Rate Loss Networks
    Ren-Hung Hwang......Vol.13, No.3, pp.461-474

  30. On The Prototyping, Analysis and Performance Improvement of Video Conference Systems on FDDI Networks
    Y.C. Chen and J.H. Kuo......Vol.13, No.3, pp.475-488

  31. Vega: A Multimedia Database System Supporting Content-Based Retrieval
    Chin-Chin Liu and Arbee L.P. Chen......Vol.13, No.3, pp.369-398

    Signal Processing

  32. Design of A Software Tool for Vocal Tract Simulation Systems
    Dong-Hwa Lu, Shen-Nan Huang and K.Y. Cheng......Vol.13, No.1, pp.155-169

    Software Engineering

  33. Data Type Based Measurement of Composite Module Cohesion
    William Cheng-Chung Chu and Sukesh Patel......Vol.13, No.1, pp.63-83

  34. OOSZ: An Integration of Bailin's Object-Oriented Analysis and Formal Specifications
    Jonathan Lee, Jiann-I Pan and Wei T. Huang......Vol.13, No.4, pp.517-542