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Journal of Inforamtion Science and Engineering, Vol.13 No.1, pp.171-179 (March 1997)
A Uniform and Squared Direct Two's
Complement Multiplier*

Hao-Yung Lo
Institute of Information Engineering
Feng-Chia University
Taichung, Taiwan 407, R.O.C.

Indirect two's complement multipliers are well known in computer basic arithmetic units. Besides multiplication, four additional procedures are required, i.e., pre-and post-one's complement cycles, and adding "1" to the pre- and post- one's complement cycles. To overcome this drawback, Pezaris first proposed a direct multiplication scheme using four types of full adders to simplify these four procedures and, thus, speed-up the multiplication. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for VLSI implementation. Then, Baugh-Wooley proposed using only one type of full adder to simplify the array structure. However, it needs three additional full adders, resulting in a nonsquare array. This paper proposes a new structure for direct two's complement multiplication. Its array consists of only one type of full adder, and its shape is rectangular. In addition, a simple algorithm for this direct multiplications is designed.

Keywords: computer arithmetic, multiplier module, parallel multiplier, recursive multiplication, two's complement multiplication

Received August 17, 1995; revised June 27, 1996.
Communicated by Youn-Long Lin.
* This research work was supported by National Science Council under grant No. NSC 83-0408-E-035-004.