2000 Subject Index
  1. Algorithms
  2. Computer Architectures
  3. Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
  4. Data Encryption and Cryptography
  5. Database Management
  6. Distributed and Parallel Computing
  1. Image Processing and Computer Vision
  2. Information Systems and Applications
  3. Pattern Recognition
  4. Signal and Speech Processing
  5. Software Engineering
  6. VLSI Testing


  1. A Fast Implmentation for Recurrent DSP Scheduling Using Final Matrix
    Daniel Y. Chao......Vol.16, No.3, pp.391-421

  2. Multicast Routing Based on Genetics Algorithms
    Ren-Hung Hwang, Wei-Yuan Do and Shyi-Chang Yang......Vol.16, No.6, pp.885-901

  3. Optimal K-Fault-Tolerant Networks for Token Rings
    Ting-Yi Sung, Tung-Yang Ho, Chien-Ping Chang and Lih-Hsing Hsu......Vol.16, No.3, pp.381-390

    Computer Architectures

  4. A Parallel Approach for Embedding Large Pyramids Into Smaller Hypercuber With Load Balancing
    Yu-Wei Chen and Kuo-Liang Chung......Vol.16, No.1, pp.117-126

    Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality

  5. Aesthetic Measures for Assessing Graphic Screens
    David Chek Ling Ngo, Azman Samsudin and Rosni Abdullah......Vol.16, No.1, pp.97-116

    Data Encryption and Cryptography

  6. (t, n) Threshold Untraceable Signatures
    Narn-Yih, Tzonelih Hwang and Chuan-Ming Li......Vol.16, No.6, pp.835-846

  7. A Secure Server-Aided RSA Signature Computation Protocol for Smart Cards
    Gwoboa Horng......Vol.16, No.6, pp.847-855

  8. Dynamic GOST
    Chu-Hsing Lin, Yi-Shiung Yeh and Chan-Chi Wang......Vol.16, No.6, pp.857-861

  9. Enhancing the Security of the McEliece Public-Key Cryptosystem
    Hung-Ming Sun......Vol.16, No.6, pp.799-812

  10. The Block Cipher- SEA2 With Provable Resistance Against DC and LC Attacks
    Shih-Hsu Chang, Fang-suan Chen and Wen-Hsing Hsu......Vol.16, No.6, pp.813-834

    Distributed and Parallel Computing

  11. A Compiler-Based Speculative Execution Scheme for ILP Enhancement
    L. Wang and Ted C. Yang......Vol.16, No.1, pp.1-23

  12. A Cost-Effective Forward Recovery Checkpointing Scheme in Multiprocessor Systems
    Kuochen Wang and Chien-Chun Wang......Vol.16, No.1, pp.65-80

  13. A Fault-Tolerant Reconfiguration Scheme in the Faulty Star Graph
    Yuh-Shyan Chen and Jang-Ping Sheu......Vol.16, No.1, pp.25-40

  14. A New Log-Based Approach to Independent Recovery in Distributed Shared Memory Systems
    Jenn-Wei Lin and Sy-Yen Kuo......Vol.16, No.2, pp.271-290

  15. A New Program-Driven Parallel Machine Simulation Envrionment
    Po-Zung Chen and Shyh-Nong Chen......Vol.16, No.2, pp.201-224

  16. Allocation-Time-Based Processor Allocation Scheme for 2D Mesh Architecture
    Xiaomei Zhu and Wei-Ming Lin......Vol.16, No.2, pp.301-311

  17. An Intelligent Parallel Loop Scheduling for Parallelizing Compilers
    Yun-Woei Fann, Chao-Tung Yang, Shian-Shian-Shyong Tseng and Chang-Jiun Tsai......Vol.16, No.2, pp.169-200

  18. Design and Analysis of Traffic Control for Guaranteed Services on the Internet
    Pi-Chung Wang, Chia-Tai Chan and Yaw-Chung Chen......Vol.16, No.3, pp.349-364

  19. Design Issue for Optimistic Distributed Discrete Event Simulation
    Yi-Bing Lin......Vol.16, No.2, pp.243-269

  20. Efficient Parallel Prefix Algorithms on Multicomputers
    Yen-Chun Lin and C. M. Lin......Vol.16, No.2, pp.41-64

  21. Flat Indexing Scheme: A New Compilatin Technique to Enhance Parallelism of Logic Programs
    Hiecheol Kim, Kangwoo Lee and Jean-Luc Gaudiot......Vol.16, No.2, pp.225-242

  22. Incrementally Extensible Folded Hypercube Graphs
    Hung-Yi Chang and Rong-Jaye Chen......Vol.16, No.2, pp.291-300

  23. Properties and Embeddings of Interconnection Networks Based on the Hexcube
    Jung-Sing Jwo, Show-May Chen, Chin-Yun Hsieh and Yu Chin Cheng......Vol.16, No.1, pp.81-95

  24. Quorum-Based Replication in Object-Based Systems
    Katsuya Tanaka, Kyoji Hasegawa and Makoto Takizawa......Vol.16, No.3, pp.317-331

  25. Real-Time Gang Schedulings With Workload MOdels for Parallel Computers
    Wei-Kuan Shih, Chung-Der Lin, Yar-Wen Chang and Jenq-Kuen Lee......Vol.16, No.3, pp.333-347

  26. Significant Message Precedence in Object-Based System
    Katsuya Tanaka, Tomoya Enokido, Hiroaki Higaki and Mokoto Takizawa......Vol.16, No.2, pp.147-168

  27. The Design and Implementation of a Multi-Threaded Object Request Broker
    Winston Lo, Yue-Shan Chang, Shyan-Ming Yuan and Deron Liang......Vol.16, No.3, pp.365-379

    Image Processing and Computer Vision

  28. Automatic Facial Feature Extraction in Model-based Coding
    Mao-Meng Chuang, Ruey-Feng Chang and Yu-Len Huang......Vol.16, No.3, pp.447-458

  29. Optimal Feature-based Vector Quantizatin of Image Coding Using Integral Projection
    Yih-Chuan Lin......Vol.16, No.4, pp.661-668

    Information Systems and Applications

  30. OCR Error Correction of an Inflectional Indian Language Using Morphological Parsing
    U. Pal, P. K. Kundu and B. B. Chaudhuri.....Vol.16, No.6, pp.899-917

    Pattern Recognition

  31. Information Distribution of the Central Projection Method for Chinese Character Recognition
    Yu Tao, Ernest C. M. Lam, Chin S. Huang and Yuan Y. Tang......Vol.16, No.1, pp.127-139

    Signal and Speech Processing

  32. Improvement on Connected Mandarin Digit Recognition by Explicityl Modeling Coarticulatory Information
    Ruey-Ching Shyu, Jhing-Fa Wang and Jau-Yien Lee......Vol.16, No.4, pp.649-660

    Software Engineering

  33. A Project Model for Software Development
    Bin-Shiang Liang, Jenn-Nan Chen and Feng-Jian Wang......Vol.16, No.3, pp.423-446

  34. Flow Analysis of Class Relationships for Object-Oriented Programs
    Jiun-Liang Chen and Feng-Jian Wang......Vol.16, No.4, pp.619-647

  35. Integration of Reusable Software Components and Frameworks Into a Visual Software Construction Approach
    Deng-Jyi Chen, Chorng-Shiuh Koong, Wu-Chi Chen, Shih-Kun Huang and N. W. P. van Diepen......Vol.16, No.6, pp.863-884

    VLSI Testing

  36. A Behavior-Level Fault Model for the Closed-Loop Operational Amplifier
    Yeong-Jar Chang, Chug Len Lee Jwu E Chen and Chauchin Su......Vol.16, No.5, pp.751-766

  37. A Probablilistic MOdel for Path Delay Fault Testing
    Chih-Yuang Su and Cheng-Wen Wu......Vol.16, No.5, pp.783-794

  38. Compact Test Generation Using a Frozen Clock Testing STrategy
    Elizabeth M. Rudnick and Miron Abramovici......Vol.16, No.5, pp.703-717

  39. Flip-Flop Selection for MIxed Scan and Reset Design Based on Test Generation and Structure of Sequential Circuits
    Hsing-Chung Liang and Chung Len Lee......Vol.16, No.5, pp.687-702

  40. Impulse Response Fault Model and Fault Extractin for Functinal Level Analog Circuit Diagnosis
    Chauchin Su, Yue-Tsang Chen and Shen-Shung Chiang......Vol.16, No.5, pp.767-781

  41. Testability Improvement by Branch Point Control for Conditional Statements With Multiple Branches
    Sying-Jyan Wang and Chia-Chun Lien......Vol.16, No.5, pp.719-731

  42. Testable Path Delay Fault Cover for Sequential Circuits
    Angela Krstic, Srimat T. Chakradhar and Kwang-Ting Cheng......Vol.16, No.5, pp.673-686

  43. Testing Configurable LUT-Based FPGAs
    Shyue-Kung Lu and Jen-Sheng Shih......Vol.16, No.5, pp.733-750