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Journal of Inforamtion Science and Engineering, Vol.17 No.2, pp.325-339 (March 2001)

Rules Generation From the Decision Tree

Ding-An chiang, Wei Chen*, Yi-Fan Wang+ and Lain-Jinn Hwang

Department of Information Engineering
Tamkang University
*National Taipei College of Nursing
Taipei, Taiwan 112, R.O.C.
+Chang Gung Institute of Nursing
Taoyuan, Taiwan 333, R.O.C.

To avoid checking unnecessary or irrelevant conditions of rules, the irrelevant values problem of the decision tree is addressed. We propose an algorithm to remove irrelevant conditions of rules in the process of converting the decision tree to rules according to the semantics of the decision tree. Since our algorithm depends only on the semantics of the decision tree, our algorithm can be integrated into any existing tree-construction algorithm with negligible increase in computational cost concerning that of constructing the decision tree. Moreover, as a side effect, the resultant rules are less likely to suffer from missing branches problem.

Keywords: decision tree, irrelevant values problem, missing branches problem, classification rules, learning for examples

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Received May 16, 1998; revised June 10, 1999, November 18, 1999, & February 25, 2000; accepted April 20, 2000
Communicated by Jhing-Fa Wang.