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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 21 No. 4, pp. 733-752 (July 2005)

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking on a Highway*

Wei-Lieh Hsu, Hsiao-Rong Tyan**, Yu-Ming Liang+, Bor-Shenn Jeng++ and Kuo-Chin Fan
+Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Central University
Chungli, 320 Taiwan
**Department of Information and Computer Engineering
Chung Yuan Christian University
Chungli, 320 Taiwan
+Institute of Information Science
Academia Sinica
Taipei, 115 Taiwan
++Telecommunication Laboratories
Chunghwa Telecommunication Co., Ltd.
Taoyuan, 320 Taiwan

We propose a method which can be used to perform real-time tracking of moving vehicles on highways. In addition to tracking regular cars, the proposed method can also track a vehicle performing a lane change. The proposed method consists of two sections: a detection and a tracking. In the detection section, we use entropy-based features to check for the existence of vehicles. Then, we perform tracking based on the entropy features derived in the detection section. By conducting a great number of experiments, we have demonstrated the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of the proposed system.

Keywords: intelligent transportation system, entropy, real-time, vehicle tracking, surveillance system

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Received March 29, 2004; revised April 20, 2004; accepted May 3, 2004.
Communicated by H. Y. Mark Liao.
*This paper has appeared in the Proceedings of IEEE 6th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation System, 2003, pp. 909-914.