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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 21 No. 4, pp. 753-765 (July 2005)

MAC Based Lightweight Protocols for Strong Authentication and Key Exchange*

Denis Trcek
Department of Digital Communications and Networks
Jozef Stefan Institute
Jamova 39, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Protocols that provide authentication and key distribution are mainly based on symmetric and asymmetric ciphers. In recent years, some approaches have been introduced that are based on strong one-way hash functions, and further enhancements to these approaches are given in this paper. The lightweight protocols that are presented in this paper are suitable for implementation with simple logic. They enable early recognition of attacks and make distributed session key generation possible. They are intended for use in environments with limited processing capabilities, where relatively short messages are being exchanged, e.g., agents environments.

Keywords: message authentication codes, one-way hash functions, lightweight protocols, authentication and key exchange, MBAKE schemes

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Received October 16, 2002; revised May 6 & August 1, 2004; accepted October 7, 2004.
Communicated by Randy Y. C. Chow.
* This work was partially sponsored by the Slovene Ministry of Information Society and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of RS, contract no. 3311-03-828897.