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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 21 No. 5, pp. 929-957 (September 2005)

A Chinese Interactive Feedback System for an e-Learning Website

Jui-Fa Chen+, Wei-Chuan Lin*, Chih-Yu Jian and Ching-Chung Hung
Department of Information Engineering
Tamkang University
Tamsui, 251 Taiwan
*E-commerce Center
Takming College
Taipei, 114 Taiwan

Considering the popularity of the Internet, an automatic interactive feedback system for e-learning websites is becoming increasingly desirable. However, there are still some problems for computers to understand the natural language, especially the Chinese language. First, because the Chinese language has no space to segment the lexical entry, its segmentation method is more difficult than that of English. Second, the lack of complete grammar for Chinese language makes parsing more difficult and complicated. Building an automatic Chinese feedback system for special application domains could solve these problems. In this paper, an interactive mechanism is proposed to parse, understand and response to a Chinese sentence. This mechanism utilizes a specific lexical database according to the particular application. In this way, a Chinese interactive feedback e-learning website is built for a special application domain that will choose the proper response in a user friendly, accurate and timely manner.

Keywords: natural language, segmentation method, grammar, interactive feedback, lexical database

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Received July 1, 2004; revised March 14, 2005; accepted May 10, 2005.
Communicated by Robert Lewis.