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Instruction to Authors
Online Submission  (PDF only) Authors' Submission Guideline
JISE Submission Policy
Due to the fact that we do not handle papers that are outside the research areas of our editors, it is mandatory that you choose two Associate Editors whose interests are most relevant to your paper to handle it. If they decide that your paper is outside their areas or they cannot find people willing to review your paper, it will be rejected without review. In that case, you are advised to submit it elsewhere.

Manuscripts (We only accept WORD files in the final publication.)

Copyright Form should be uploaded when your submission has been accepted.
Pagecharge argeement will be shown while you upload your final version.
The length of an accepted paper exceeds 15 pages will be charged USD100 for each extra page.
A PDF file of the manuscript should be submitted to the JISE auto-submission system above. The manuscript including tables, legends, citations and footnotes should be typed by the JISE standard as the file attached above. Manuscripts should begin with the title of the article, the author's name, affiliation and address.

The title should be concise and complete for easy indexing by abstracting services.

Abstract and Keywords
All papers must be supplied with an abstract and 5 to 10 keywords (or key phrases). The abstract should be brief, concise and complete in itself. Include purpose, methodology, results, and conclusion, where applicable. The keywords (or key phrases) should be as independent as possible, and jointly reflect the main topic of the paper.

References to published literature should be quoted in the text in square brackets. Number all references to the literature in a single sequence in the order in which they are cited in the text and list them together at the end of the paper. For examples:
  1. S. Y. Wang and D. R. Jones, "Multi-user decision support system," Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 3, 1987, pp. 135-150.
  2. R. O. Duda and P. E. Hart, Pattern Classification and Scene Analysis, Whiley, New York, 1973.
  3. V. Ramachandran, "A linear-time algorithm for race detection in transistor switch-level circuits," in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Computer Design, 1983, pp. 345-349.
  4. H. T. Kung, "Memory requirements for balanced computer architectures," Technical Report, CMU-CS-85-158, Department of Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1985.
  5. C. A. O'Reilly and L. R. Pondy, "Organizational communication," in S. Kern, (ed.), Organizational Behavior, Grid Publishing Inc., Columbus, Ohio, 1979, pp. 111-150.
All figures and illustrations should be professionally drawn.

Tables will very probably be reproduced by photo-offset means directly from the author's typed manuscript.

Equations and Formulas
Equations should be numbered sequentially in the main body of the text and in any appendices. References to equations of formulas should be quoted in parentheses.

Computer Programs
Computer programs or output should be given in clear original printouts (not on lined paper).

Authors should not be changed if your paper has been accepted or under the review process. Failure to comply with our policy may result in withdraw of your paper and jeopardize future submissions.


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