E-Journals(IIS) - publishers

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1.Academic Press Journals(IDEAL) (merged into SDOS database)(IP address:140.109.*.*)

2.Academic Press Journal(IDEAL) (also connect to Science Direct at IIS IP)

3.ACM Digital Library (IP address:140.109.*.*)

4.American Institute of Physics (IP address:140.109.*.*)

5.Annual Review (IP address:140.109.*.*)

6.Catch Word Ltd. (merged into Ingenta Select)(IP address:140.109.*.*)

7.EDP Sciences (IP address:140.109.*.*)

8.Elsevier online journals(SDOS) ( IP address:140.109.*.* )

9.Elsevier online journals(Science Direct) (also connect to Science Direct at IIS IP)

10.High Wire Press (IP address:140.109.*.* )

11.IEL(IEEE/IEE Electronic Library) (12 users only for IP address:140.109.*.*; 3 username/password ,Please contact iis librarian)

12.Kluwer Press(Kluwer Online) (fulltext only for iis IP ) (merged into SpringerLink )

13.SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) Journal Online

14.SpringerLink online (IP address:140.109.*.*)

15.Wiley online (IP address:140.109.*.*)