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Title Vol. ISSN E-ISSN
ACM APL Quote Quad Full text (ACM) v.3(1971)-v.35(2007) 0163-6006 --
ACM Computing Surveys Full text (ACM) v.1(1969)- 0360-0300 1557-7341
ACM Fortran Forum Full text (ACM) v.1(1982)- 1061-7264 1931-1311
ACM Journal Full text (ACM) v.1(1954)- 0004-5411 1557-735X
ACM Journal of Computer Documentation Full text (ACM) v.24(2000)-v.26(2002) 1527-6805 1557-9441
ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review Full text (ACM) v.1(1997)- 1559-1662 1931-1222
ACM Mobile Networks and Applications Full text (ACM) v.1(1996)- 1383-469x --
ACM netWorker Full text (ACM) v.1(1997)-v.13(2009) 1091-3556 1558-3473
ACM SIGACT News Full text (ACM) no.1(1969)- 0163-5700 --
ACM SIGAda Ada Letters Full text (ACM) v.1(1981)- 1094-3641  --
ACM SIGARCH : Computer Architecture News Full text (ACM) v.1(1972)- 0163-5964 --
ACM SIGBDP : Data Base Full text (ACM) v.1(2)(1969)- 0095-0033 --
ACM SIGCSE Bulletin Full text (ACM) v.1(1969)- 0097-8418 --
ACM SIGDA Newsletter Full text (ACM) v.1(1971)- 0163-5743 --
ACM SIGGROUP Bulletin Full text (ACM) v.18(1997)-v.25(2)(2005) 0894-0819 --
ACM SIGKDD Explorations Full text (ACM) v.1(1999)- 1931-0145 1931-0153
ACM SIGOA Newsletter Full text (ACM) v.1(1980)-v.7(1)(Apr. 1986) 0894-0819 --
ACM SIGOIS Bulletin Full text (ACM) v.7(2-3)(Dec. 1986)-v.17(3)(Dec. 1996) 0894-0819 --
ACM SIGOPS: Operating Systems Review Full text (ACM) v.3(1969)- 0163-5980 --
ACM SIGPLAN Notices Full text (ACM) v.1(8)(Aug. 1966)- 0362-1340 --
ACM SIGSAM Bulletin Full text (ACM) no.8(Dec.1967)-v.39(4)(Dec. 2005) 0163-5824 --
ACM SIGSOFT: Software Engineering Notes Full text (ACM) v.1(1976)- 0163-5948 --
ACM Transactions on Algorithms Full text (ACM) v.1(2005)- 1549-6325 1549-6333
ACM Transactions on Asian language information processing Full text (ACM) v.1(2002)- 1530-0226 1558-3430
ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems Full text (ACM) v.1(2006)- 1556-4665 1556-4703
ACM Transactions on Computational Logic Full text (ACM) v.1(2000)- 1529-3785 1557-945X
ACM Transactions on Computer Systems Full text (ACM) v.1(1983)- 0734-2071 1557-7333
ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems Full text (ACM) v.1(1996)- 1084-4309 1557-7309
ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems Full text (ACM) v.1(2002)- 1539-9087 1558-3465
ACM Transactions on Graphics Full text (ACM) v.1(1982)- 0730-0301 1557-7368
ACM Transactions on Information and System Security Full text (ACM) v.1(1998)- 1094-9224 1557-7406
ACM Transactions on Information Systems Full text (ACM) v.1(1983)- 1046-8188 1558-2868
ACM Transactions on Internet Technology Full text (ACM) v.1 (2001)- 1533-5399 1557-6051
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software Full text (ACM) v.1(1975)- 0098-3500 1557-7295
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation Full text (ACM) v.1(1991)- 1049-3301 1558-1195
ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems Full text (ACM) v.1(1979)- 0164-0925 1558-4593
ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks Full text (ACM) v.1(2005)- 1550-4859 1550-4867
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology Full text (ACM) v.1(1992)- 1049-331x 1557-7392
ACM Transactions on Storage Full text (ACM) v.1(2005)- 1553-3077 1553-3093
Acoustics Today Full text (ASA) v.1(2005)- 1557-0215 --
Acta Informatica Full text (Springer) v.1(1971)- 0001-5903 1432-0525
Ad hoc Networks Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(2003)- 1570-8705 --
Advanced Robotics Full text (Ebsco ASC) v.12(1998)- (Embargo: 1 year) 0169-1864 1568-5535
AI Magazine TOC only (AAAI) v.1(1980)- 0738-4602 --
Algorithmica                                          Full text (Springer) v.1(1986)- 0178-4617 1432-0541
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis  Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1993)- 1063-5203 --
Artificial Intelligence  Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1970)- 0004-3702 --
Artificial Intelligence and Law Full text (Springer) v.1(1992)- 0924-8463 1572-8382
Artificial Intelligence Review Full text (Springer) v.1(1986)- 0269-2821 1573-7462
Artificial Life and Robotics Full text (Springer) v.1(1997)- 1433-5298 1614-7456
Automatica  Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1963)- 0005-1098 --
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems Full text (Springer) v.1(1998)- 1387-2532 1573-7454
Autonomous Robots Full text (Springer) v.1(1994)- 0929-5593 1573-7527
Bell Labs Technical Journal Full text (Wiley) v.1(1996)- 1089-7089 1538-7305
Bioinformatics  Full text (Oxford) v.1(1985)- (LSL) 1367-4803 1460-2059
Biological Cybernetics Full text (Springer) v.1(1961)- 0340-1200 1432-0770
Biotechnology Journal  Full text (Wiley) v.1(2006)- (LSL) 1860-6768 1860-7314
BIT - Numerical Mathematics Full text (Springer) v.1(1961)- 0006-3835 1572-9125
Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology  Full text (Wiley) v.22(1995)- 1931-6550 1550-8366
Cluster Computing Full text (Springer) v.1(1998)- 1386-7857 1573-7543
Communications of the ACM Full text (ACM) v.1(1958)- 0001-0782 1557-7317
Computational Geometry: Theory and Application Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1991)- 0925-7721 --
Computational Intelligence Full text (Wiley) v.12(1996)- 0824-7935 1467-8640
Computational Linguistics  Full text (MIT press) v.26(2000)- 0891-2017 1530-9312
Computer Aided Design  Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1968)- 0010-4485 --
Computer Aided Geometric Design     Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1984)- 0167-8396 --
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds Full text (Wiley) v.7-14(1996-2003), v.15(2004)- 1546-4261 1546-427x
Computer Architecture News Full text (ACM) v.1(1972)- 0163-5964 --
Computer Communication Review  Full text (ACM) v.1(2)(Mar. 1970)- 0146-4833 --
Computer Communications Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1 (1978)- 0140-3664 --
Computer Graphics  Full text (ACM) v,3(3)(1969)- 0097-8930 --
Computer Graphics Forum Full text (Wiley) v.15(1996)- 0167-7055 1467-8659
Computer Graphics World Full text (Ebsco ASC) v.18(1995)- 0271-4159 --
Computer Journal Full text (Oxford) v.1(1958)- (LSL) 0010-4620 1460-2067
Computer Languages Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1975)-v.27(2001) 0096-0551 --
Computer Languages Systems and Structures Full text (ScienceDirect) v.28(2002)- 1477-8424 --
Computer Networks Full text (ScienceDirect) v.31(1999)- 1389-1286 --
Computer Speech & Language  Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1986)- 0885-2308 --
Computer Vision and Image Understanding Full text (SDOS) v.57(1993)- 1077-3142 --
Computers & Graphics Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1975)- 0097-8493 --
Computing                                           Full text (Springer) v.1(1966)- 0010-485x 1436-5057
Computing Reviews Full text ( (1985)- 0010-4884 --
Concurrency and Computation: Practice & Experience Full text (Wiley) v.13(2001)- 1532-0626 1532-0634
Concurrency, Practice and Experience Full text (Wiley) v.1(1989)-v.12(2000) 1040-3108 1096-9128
Consciousness and Cognition Full text (ScienceDirect) v.2(1993)- (LSL) 1053-8100 --
Control Engineering Practice Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1993)- 0967-0661 --
Data & Knowledge Engineering Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1985)- 0169-023x --
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Full text (Springer) v.1(1997)- 1384-5810 1573-756X
Decision Support Systems and Electronic Commerce Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1985)- 0167-9236 --
Discrete & Computational Geometry Full text (Springer) v.1(1986)- 0179-5376 1432-0444
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science Full text (DMTCS) v.1(1997)- 1365-8050 --
Distributed Computing Full text (Springer) v.1(1986)- 0178-2770 1432-0452
Electronic Commerce Research Full text (Springer) v.1(2001)- 1389-5753 1572-9362
Evolutionary Computation                                                                   Full text (MIT) v.1(1993)- 1063-6560 1530-9304
Formal Aspects of Computing                              Full text (Springer) v.1(1989)- 0934-5043 1433-299X
Formal Methods in System Design                         Full text (Springer) v.1(1992)- 0925-9856 1572-8102
Fundamenta Informaticae                                                                    Full text (IOS) v.20(1994)- 0169-2968 1875-8681
Future Generations Computer Systems : FGCS Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1984)- 0167-739X --
Graphical Models Full text (ScienceDirect) v.62(2000)- 1524-0703 --
Higher Order and Symbolic Computation Full text (Springer) v.11(1998)- 1388-3690 1573-0557
Human Computer Interaction - Hillsdale                           Full text (informaworld) v.12(1997)- 1532-7051 0737-0024
IBM Journal of Research and Development including IBM Systems Journal Full text (IEL) v.1(1957)- 0018-8646 --
Image and Vision Computing Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1983)- 0262-8856 --
Industrial robot: an International Journal  Full text (Emerald) v.21(1994)- 0143-991X --
Informatica Full text v.1(1977)- 0350-5596 1854-3871
Information and Computation Full text (ScienceDirect) v.72(1987)- 0890-5401 --
Information and Software Technology Full text (ScienceDirect) v.29(1987)- 0950-5849 --
Information Processing & Management Full text (ScienceDirect) v.11(1975)- 0306-4573 --
Information Processing Letters Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1971)- 0020-0190 --
Information Retrieval Full text (Springer) v.1(1999)- 1386-4564 1573-7659
Information Systems Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1975)- 0306-4379 --
Information Systems Research                                                               Full text v.9(1998)- 1047-7047 1526-5536
Intelligence: New Visions of AI in Practice  Full text (ACM) no.24 (Oct. 1970)-v.12(4)(Dec. 2001) 1523-8822 1557-9425
Interacting with Computers Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1989)- 0953-5438 --
Interactions Full text (ACM) v.1(1994)- 1072-5220 1558-3449
Internat Journal of Uncertainty Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems                      Full text (World Scientific) v.1(1993)- 0218-4885 1793-6411
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1987) 0888-613X --
International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications                           Full text (World Scientific) v.1(1991)- 0218-1959 1793-6357
International Journal of Computer Processing of Oriental Languages Full text (World Scientific) v.13(2000)- 0219-4279 --
International Journal of Computer Vision      Full text (Springer) v.1(1987)- 0920-5691 1573-1405
International Journal of Control Full text (informaworld) v.66(1997)- 0020-7179 1366-5820
International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems : IJCIS Full text (World Scientific) v.1(1992)- 0218-8430 1793-6365
International Journal of Corpus Linguistics                                                Full text (Ingenta) v.4(1999)- 1384-6655 --
International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science                                   Full text (World Scientific) v.1(1990)- 0129-0541 1793-6373
International Journal of High Speed Computing Full text (World Scientific) v.10(1999)-v.12 no.1(2004) 0129-0533 --
International Journal of Human Computer Interaction Full text (informaworld) v.9(1997)- 1044-7318 1532-7590
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies Full text (ScienceDirect) v.40(1994)- 1071-5819 --
International Journal of Hybrid Intelligent Systems                                        Full text (IOS Press) v.1(2004) 1448-5869 1875-8819
International Journal of Network Management Full text (Wiley) v.6(1996)- 1055-7148 1099-1190
International Journal of Neural Systems                                                    Full text (World Scientific) v.1(1)(1989)- 0129-0657 1793-6462
International Journal of Parallel Emergent and Distributed Systems Full text (informaworld) v.10 no.3(1997)- 1744-5760 1744-5779
International Journal of Parallel Programming Full text (Springer) v.1(1972)- 0885-7458 1573-7640
International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Full text (World Scientific) v.1(1987)- 0218-0014 1793-6381
International Journal of Robotics Research Full text (Sage) v.18(1999)- 0278-3649 1741-3178
International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering                    Full text (World Scientific) v.1(1991)- 0218-1940 1793-6403
International Journal of Speech Technology Full text (Springer) v.1(1995)- 1381-2416 1572-8110
International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness, and Knowledge-Based Systems Full text (World Scientific) v.1(1993)- 0218-4885 1793-6411
International Journal on Digital Libraries Full text (Springer) v.1(1997)- 1432-5012 1432-1300
International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition Full text (Springer) v.1(1998)- 1433-2833 1433-2825
Journ Dynamic Systems Measurement Control                   Full text (ASME) v.122(2000)- 0022-0434 1528-9028
Journal of Algorithms Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1980)- 0196-6774 --
Journal of Automated Reasoning Full text (Springer) v.1(1985)- 0168-7433 1573-0670
Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology                                        Full text (World Scientific) v.1(2003)- 0219-7200 1757-6334
Journal of Combinatorial Designs Full text (Wiley) v.1(1993)- 1063-8539 1520-6610
Journal of Combinatorial Optimization                     Full text (Springer) v.1(1997)- 1382-6905 1573-2886
Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series B Full text (ScienceDirect) v.10(1971)- 0095-8956 --
Journal of Communications and Networks                                                     Full text (JCN) (ID/PW IIS LIB) 1229-2370 1976-5541
Journal of Complexity Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1985)- 0885-064X 1090-2708
Journal of Computational Biology Full text (Mary Ann Liebert) v.1(1994)- (LSL) 1066-5277 1557-8666
Journal of Computer and System Sciences Full text (ScienceDirect) v.46(1993)- 0022-0000 --
Journal of Cryptology                                    Full text (Springer) v.1(1988)- 0933-2790 1432-1378
Journal of Electronic Imaging Full text (SPIE) v.6(4)(1997)- (AS-IIS ip only) 1017-9909 1560-229X
Journal of Field Robotics Full text (Wiley) v.1(1984)-v.22(2006)(JRS), v.23(2006)(JFR)- 1556-4959 1556-4967
Journal of Functional Programming Full text (Cambridge) v.11(2001)-v.12(2002) 0956-7968 1469-7653
Journal of Graph Theory Full text (Wiley) v.1(1977)- 0364-9024 1097-0118
Journal of High Speed Networks                                                             Full text (IOS Press) v.6(1997) 0926-6801 1875-8940
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems Full text (Springer) v.1(1988)- 0921-0296 1573-0409
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems Full text (Springer) v.1(1992)- 0925-9902 1573-7675
Journal of Interconnection Networks                                                        Full text (World Scientific) v.1(2000)- 0219-2659 1793-6713
Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming Full text (ScienceDirect) v.47(2001)- 1567-8326 --
Journal of Logic and Computation Full text (Oxford) v.1(1990)- (LSL) 0955-792X 1465-363X
Journal of Logic Language and Information Full text (Springer) v.1(1992)- 0925-8531 1572-9583
Journal of Logic Programming  Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1984)- 0743-1066 --
Journal of Management Information Systems Full text (MetaPress) v.17(2000)- 0742-1222 --
Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision Full text (Springer) v.1(1992)- 0924-9907 1573-7683
Journal of Multimedia Full text (Academy Pub.) v.1(2006)- 1796-2048 --
Journal of Network and Systems Managemen                  Full text (Springer) v.1(1993)- 1064-7570 1573-7705
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1984)- 0743-7315 --
Journal of Prediction Market : Internet                                                    Full text (Ingenta) v.1(2007)- 1750-6751 1750-676X
Journal of Robotic Systems Full text (Wiley) v.1(1984)-v.22(2006)(JRS), v.23(2006)(JFR)- 0741-2223 1097-4563
Journal of Signal Processing Systems Full text (Springer) v.50(2008)- 1939-8018 1939-8115
Journal of Supercomputing Full text (Springer) v.1(1987)- 0920-8542 1573-0484
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America Full text (ASA) v.111(2002)- 0001-4966 --
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA Full text (BMJ) v.1(1994)- 1067-5027 1527-974X
Journal of the American Society for Information Science Full text (Wiley) v.37-51(1986-2000), v.52(2001)- 0002-8231 1097-4571
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Full text (Wiley) v.37-51(1986-2000), v.52(2001)- 1532-2882 1532-2890
Journal of the Optical Society of America A, Optics and Image Science, and Vision Full text (OSA) v.1(1984)- 1084-7529 1520-8532
Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1990)- 1047-3203 --
Journal of Visual Languages and Computing Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1990)- 1045-926X --
Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation Full text (Wiley) v.7-14(1996-2003), v.15(2004)- 1099-1778 1049-8907
Knowledge and Information Systems Full text (Springer) v.2(2000)- 0219-1377 0219-3116
Linux Journal Full text (ACM) Oct. 1994- 1075-3583 --
Machine Learning                   Full text (Springer) v.1(1986)- 0885-6125 1573-0565
Machine Translation : MT Full text (Springer) v.1(1986)- 0922-6567 1573-0573
Machine Vision and Applications Full text (Springer) v.1(1988)- 0932-8092 1432-1769
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science : MSCS Full text (Cambridge) v.11(2001)-v.12(2002) 0960-1295 1469-8072
MSDN Magazine  Full text (MSDN) v.15(3)(2000)- 1528-4859 --
Multimedia Systems Full text (Springer) v.1(1993)- 0942-4962 1432-1882
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory         Full text (Springer) v.1(1983)- 0167-806x 1573-0859
Natural Language Engineering Full text (Cambridge) v.7(2001)-v.8(2002) 1351-3249 1469-8110
Networks: an International Journal Full text (Wiley) v.1(1971)- 0028-3045 1097-0037
Neural Computation                                                                         Full text (MIT) v.15(2003)- (ID/PW IIS Lib.) 0899-7667 1530-888X
Neural Networks : the Official Journal of the International Neural Network Society Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1988)- 0893-6080 --
Optical Engineering                              Full text (SPIE) v.29(1990)- (AS-IIS ip only) 0091-3286 1560-2303
Order Full text (Springer) v.1(1984)- 0167-8094 1572-9273
Parallel Algorithms and Applications Full text (Ingenta) v.17(3)(Jan. 2001)-v.19(1)(Mar.2004) 1063-7192 --
Parallel Computing Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1984)- 0167-8191 --
Parallel Processing Letters Full text (World Scientific) v.1(1991)- 0129-6264 1793-642X
Pattern Recognition Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1968)- 0031-3203 --
Pattern Recognition Letters  Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1982)- 0167-8655 --
PC World Full text (Ebsco ASC) v.4(1986)- 0737-8939 --
Perception                                              Full text v.30(2001)- 0301-0066 1468-4233
Performance Evaluation Review Full text (ACM) v.1(1972)- 0163-5999 --
Presence - Teleoperators and Virtual Environments                                          Full text (MIT) v.7(1998)- 1054-7460 1531-2363
Real Time Systems Fulll text (Springer) v.1(1989)- 0922-6443 1573-1383
Real-Time Imaging Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1995)- 1077-2014 --
Robotica Full text (Cambridge) v.19(2001)-v.20(2002) 0263-5747 1469-8668
Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1984)- 0736-5845 --
Science Full text v.275(1997)- 0036-8075 1095-9203
Science of Computer Programming Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1981)- 0167-6423 --
Scientific American  Full text (HTML, Ebsco ASC) v.250(1984)-; Full text (PDF, Pub.) v.268(1993)- (IIS Lib.) 0036-8733 --
Scientific Programming                                                                     Full text (IOS Press) v.1(1992) 1058-9244 1875-919X
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics                                                        Full text (SIAM) v.1(1953)- 0036-1399 1095-712X
SIAM Journal on Computing                                                                  Full text (SIAM) v.1(1972)- 0097-5397 1095-7111
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization                                                   Full text (SIAM) v.1(1962)- 0363-0129 1095-7138
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics                                                       Full text (SIAM) v.1(1988)- 0895-4801 1095-7146
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis                                                         Full text (SIAM) v.1(1964)- 0036-1429 1095-7170
SIAM Journal on Optimization                                                               Full text (SIAM) v.1(1991)- 1052-6234 1095-7189
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing                                                       Full text (SIAM) v.1(1980)- 1064-8275 1095-7197
SIAM Review  Full text (SIAM) v.1(1959)- 0036-1445 1095-7200
SIGCHI Bulletin Full text (ACM) v.14(1982)-v.32:2(April 2000); Full text (SIGCHI) v.29(1997)-2008 0736-6906 --
SIGIR Forum Full text (ACM) v.6:2(1971)- 0163-5840 --
SIGMOD Record Full text (ACM) v.1(1969)- 0163-5808 --
Signal Processing Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1979)- 0165-1684 --
Signal Processing.  Image Communication Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1989)- 0923-5965 --
Simulation Full text (Sage) v.79(2003)- 0037-5497 1741-3133
SOA Web Services Journal Full text (SYS-CON) v.7(2007)-v.9(2009) 1535-6906 --
Software Testing, Verification & Reliability : STVR  Full text (Wiley) v.1(1991)- 0960-0833 1099-1689
Software: Practice and Experience Full text (Wiley) v.1(1971)- 0038-0644 1097-024x
Speech Communication  Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1982)- 0167-6393 --
Systems & Control Letters Full text (ScienceDirect) v.24(1995)- 0167-6911 --
Telecommunication Systems - Modeling Analysis Design and Management Full text (Springer) v.1(1993)- 1018-4864 1572-9451
Theoretical Computer Science Full text (ScienceDirect) v.1(1975)- 0304-3975 --
Virtual Reality - Research Development and Applications      Full text (Springer) v.1(1995)- 1359-4338 1434-9957
Visual Computer                                         Full text (Springer) v.1(1985)- 0178-2789 1432-2315
Web Intelligence and Agent Systems                                                         Full text (IOS) v.1(2003)- 1570-1263 1875-9289
Web Services journal Full text (SYS-CON) v.1(2001)-v.6(2006) 1535-6906 --
Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Full text (Wiley) v.1(2001)- 1530-8669 1530-8677
Wireless networks Full text (ACM) v.1(1995)- 1022-0038 1572-8196
Wireless Personal Communications                  Full text (Springer) v.1(1994)- 0929-6212 1572-834X
World Wide Web                                 Full text (Springer) v.1(1998)- 1386-145x 1573-1413
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