Institute of Information Science Academia Sinica
Institute of Information Science Academia Sinica
Recruitment - Postdoctoral Fellows
Lab. of Chu-Song Chen
Date of Expiry : 2017-12-15 ~ 2018-05-30
Position : Postdoctoral fellow
Responsibilities : Multi-modal deep learning system development and integration

Remark: AI and deep learning need the integration of different modalities (such as image, speech, natural language processing) so that a strong AI system can be built. We hope to hire people (with a Ph.D degree) who are interested in conducting advanced multi-modal or cross-modality deep learning systems and applications in the related fields.
Requirements : 1. People who have experiences on deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, speech processing, or natural language processing, and have a strong publication record in the related fields.
2. Having the experience on deep learning platforms such as Tensorflow, Karas, Caffe, or Py-torch.
3. Well-trained background on modeling problems with mathematics.
4. Self-motivated.
Salary : About 1000K NTD/year
Contact : Dr. Chu-Song Chen
Email :
Telephone : 02-27883799 ext 1310(可留言)
Website :
Others : Send an email to
Dr. Tyng-Ruey Chuang''s Lab
Date of Expiry : 2017-09-05 ~ 2017-12-31
Position : Post-Doctoral Reseachers
Responsibilities : Communal Sharing of Sensitive Data 敏感資料群組分享

1. 主要工作:研究各類敏感資料群組分享的現狀實務,提出新穎方法以改良現有的隱私保障框架。包括:集結個人資料之規範、基準與管制;共有資料分享之具可保密性以及具可審計性等。規劃辦理會議。各種學術行政聯繫事務。
2. 核心能力:能以中、英文蒐集閱讀論文、分析測試資訊系統,並與法律、資訊、及其他學科領域的研究人員進行訪談與討論。程式撰寫能力強,熟悉開放原始碼工具與 Linux 系統。
3. 參考網站: 。
Requirements : 詳見工作內容
Salary : About 60,000 per month for PostDoc. PhD Student: 34,000 at most.
Contact : Tyng-Ruey Chuang
Email :
Telephone :
Website :
Others : 詳見
Research Lab of Dr. De-Nian Yang
Date of Expiry : 2017-08-23 ~ 2017-12-31
Position : Postdoctoral Fellow
Responsibilities : 1. Research topics on networking, social networks, or data mining
2. or with backgrounds in algorithm design, graph theory, optimization, game theory, machine learning, statistic inference, stochastic process
3. or network programming or big data analytics
Requirements : Ph.D degree
Salary :
Contact : Dr. De-Nian Yang
Email :
Telephone : (02)2788-3799-1728
Website :
Others : Please send the CV and a short research statement to
Data Insights Research Laboratory
Date of Expiry : 2017-05-01 ~ 2017-12-31
Position : Postdoctoral Research Fellow / Data Scientist
Responsibilities : Conducting academia researches in the following areas:

- Big data analytics
- Deep learning
- User experience
- Multimedia systems and networking
- Social computing and Computational social science
Requirements : Ph.D. in Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, or Social Sciences
Salary : As specified by Academia Sinica
Contact : Dr. Sheng-Wei Chen
Email :
Telephone : 02-27883799#1602
Website :
Others : Resume please send to Dr. Chen at
Research Lab of Prof. Liu, Jane Win Shih
Date of Expiry : 2017-03-09 ~ 2018-03-09
Position : Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Responsibilities : Conducting academia researches in the following areas:

-Open Disaster Management Information System
-Active emergency Response System
-Big Data Indoor Positioning System
-Disaster Scenario and Record Capture – Authoring Technology
-Building/Environment Information Cloud
-User Experience
-Internet of Things
-Surveillance Data
Requirements : We are looking for candidates with doctoral degree in information science related subjects, e.g. research fields in computer science, and electrical engineering are preferred.

The candidate should be a good team player with strong self-motivation to learn.
Salary : As specified by Academia Sinica
Contact : Jake Lee
Email :
Telephone : 2788-3799 #1478
Website :
Others : Send an email to