Associate Research Fellow  |  Chen, Ling-Jyh  
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Personnel Training
  1. M.S., Ru-sen Jeng, "Missing Data Handling for Meter Data Management Systems", National Taiwan Normal University (2011/09–2013/06)
  2. M.S., Chien-Yu Kuo, "An Analysis of Household Electricity Meter Data in Smart Grid Systems", National Taiwan Normal University (2011/09–2014/01)
  3. M.S., Hu-Chen Lee, "A Crowdsourcing-based Solution to Assess Concentration Levels of Students during Class", National Taiwan Normal University (2011/09–2013/06)
  4. M.S., Yu-Wei Lu, "Development and Analysis of Micro Air Pollution Sense System", National Taiwan Normal University (2011/09–2013/06)
  5. M.S., Wei-Xian Lee, "A Measurement Study of Power Line Communication Systems", National Taiwan Normal University (2010/09–2012/06)
  6. M.S., Fu-Wei Chen, "Chinese CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA", National Taiwan Normal University (2008/09–2010/06)
  7. M.S., Wen-Yuan Zhu, "Playing GWAP with strategies - using ESP as an example", National Taiwan Normal University (2007/09–2009/06)
  8. M.S., Cheng-Long Tseng, "On Using Probabilistic Forwarding to Improve Data Transfer in Opportunistic People Networks", National Taiwan University (2007)
  9. M.S., Chia-Huei Chang, "Adaptive Network Coding Based Routing in Delay-Tolerant Networks", National Taiwan University (2007)
  10. M.S., Chien-Hsiu Lin , "Performance Study of Routing Schemes in Delay-Tolerant Networks", National Taiwan University (2007)
  11. M.S., Chen-Hung Yu , "Effective Data and Video File Transfer in Opportunistic Networks", National Taiwan University (2007)
  12. M.S., Jyh-Wei Sung, "Path Capacity Estimation in Time-slotted Wireless Networks", National Taiwan University (2007)
  13. M.S., Bo-Chun Wang, "A Machine Learning Based Approach for Available Bandwidth Estimation", National Taiwan University (2006)
  14. M.S., Shih-Hsuan Tang, "ALMA: A Link-layer Multi-homing Approach for Vertical Handoff in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks", National Taiwan University (2006)
  15. M.S., Wei-Cheng Xiao , "An Intelligent Decision Model for Seamless Vertical Handoff across Heterogeneous Networks", National Taiwan University (2006)
  16. M.S., Wen-Hui Chiang, "Detect Selfishness with Available Bandwidth Estimation in Peer-to-Peer Networks", National Taiwan University (2006)
Postdoctoral Fellows
  1. Postdoctoral Fellow, Li-Ping Tung, National Tsing Hua University (2010/09–2011/08)
  2. Postdoctoral Fellow, Chao-Lin Wu, National Taiwan University (2010/08–2011/09)
  3. Postdoctoral Fellow, Hung-Chia Chen, National Chiao Tung University (2010/03–2010/06)
  1. Assistant, Chieh-Wen Chang, National Central University (2012/11–2013/06)
  2. Assistant, Li-Wei Chang, Tunghai University (2012/08–2013/08)
  3. Assistant, Wei-Xian Lee, National Taiwan Normal University (2012/08–2013/03)
  4. Assistant, Yi-Yin Chang, National Tsing Hua University (2010/12–2012/07)
  5. Assistant, Wen-Yuan Zhu, National Taiwan Normal University (2010/11–2011/07)
  6. Assistant, Ting-An Wang, National Chung Hsing University (2010/09–2011/05)
  7. Assistant, Hsiao-Hsuan Yu, National University of Kaohsiung (2009/10–2011/08)
  8. Assistant, Cheng-Yu Lin, National Taiwan University (2009/10–2012/10)
  9. Assistant, Shu-Hsien Liao, National Taiwan Normal University (2009/06–2010/05)
  10. Assistant, Ying-Yu Chen, National Hsing Hua University (2008/11–2010/07)
  11. Assistant, Yu-Song Syu, National Hsing Hua University (2008/09–2010/05)
  12. Assistant, Yi-Chao Chen, National Taiwan University (2008/03–2009/07)
  13. Assistant, Bo-Chun Wang, National Taiwan University (2007/12–2009/07)
  14. Assistant, Chih-Hung Lin, National Taiwan Normal University (2007/09–2009/07)
  15. Assistant, Che-Liang Chiou, National Chiao Tung University (2007/08–2009/01)
  16. Assistant, Ting-Kai Huang, National Hsing Hua University (2007/03–2008/07)
  17. Assistant, Yu-Hsin Shih, National Chiao Tung University (2007/01–2007/10)
  18. Assistant, Hao-Hsiang Hung, National Chiao Tung University (2007/01–2007/12)
  19. Assistant, Yung-Chih Chen, National Hsing Hua University (2006/01–2007/07)