Adjunct Faculty(Research Fellow)  |  Kuo, Yue-Sun  
Research Descriptions

        The Internet/WWW has grown into a universal platform for information exchange and program execution. My research interest is to exploit the full power of the Internet/WWW platform by building innovative Web applications and developing methodologies and tools for building innovative Web applications. My research work typically involves the application of object/component technology and user interface techniques to Internet/WWW application development.

        XML has emerged as a standard for information exchange, and may potentially become a universal representation for information and knowledge. Our Internet/WWW development work is mainly centered around XML-related technologies. So far, user interfaces for XML data (documents) have been typically constructed from scratch for specific XML vocabularies and applications. We have been developing a generic interactive component, Forms-XML, that generates form-based user interfaces for XML vocabularies. Based on a given XML schema, the component generates a hierarchy of HTML forms for users to create and update XML data compliant with the given schema. The component can free its users from any concerns regarding XML syntax. Thus, the user interface it presents can be used by people who have no knowledge of XML. On the other hand, the user interface Forms-XML generates is highly customizable. We have developed a visual interface design tool that enables interface designers to customize the layout and style of a generated user interface.

        Many application domains have defined XML vocabularies as international standards for data representation and interchange in their domains. Taiwan is adopting these international standards and adapting them to requirements specific to the domestic communities. We have been involved in some of these standardization activities as a technology provider, in particular, the domestic development of XBRL for financial information representation and HL7/CDA for medical record representation. We have formed a research group with some scholars in accounting and information technology to develop domestic XBRL taxonomies and build tools for XBRL financial information conversion and analysis. We have joint-forced with the Taiwan Medical Informatics Association to define CDA-based XML schemas for medical records used in hospitals in Taiwan and develop a Web-based prototyping system based on these schemas emphasizing data conversions to CDA and the conventional medical databases.