SOCA 2009
The 2009 IEEE International Conference
on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA'09)

Conference at a Glance
  December 13
Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

  December 14
December 15
Keynote Speech:
"Cyber-Physical Systems: A New Set of Challenges for Interfacing with Humans"
by Prof. Raj Rajkumar
Keynote Speech:
"Services, Semantics and Clouds"
by Prof. Tharam S. Dillon
Session 1A
( Rm 106 )
Service Development I
Session 1B
( Rm 101 )
Service Control
Session 1C
( Rm 107 )
Business Services
Panel Discussion
Research Directions for Engineering Future Services
Session 2A
( Rm 106 )
Service Architecture
Session 2B
( Rm 101 )
Cyber-Physical Services I
Session 2C
( Rm 107 )
Data-based Services
Session 3A
( Rm 106 )
Service Development II
Session 3B
( Rm 101 )
Cyber-Physical Services II
Session 3C
( Rm 107 )
Service Management
Panel Discussion
How to Establish the Industrial Service Research?
Session 4A
( Rm 106 )
Embedded Services
Session 4B
( Rm 101 )
Service Verification
Session 4C
( Rm 107 )
Service Analysis
Conference Banquet
Taipei 101 Banquet Hall
The 2009 IEEE International Conference
on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA'09)

December 14-15, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan
Monday, December 14
9:00 am - 9:10 am
Opening Session
9:00 am - 10:10 am
Services, Semantics and Clouds
Prof. Tharam S. Dillon, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
10:10 am - 10:30 am
10:30 am - 12:10 pm
Session 1
Session 1A (Rm 106) : Service Development I
Session Chair: Soo Dong Kim
  • Role-Based Trust Model for Community of Interest
    Wei-Tek Tsai, Peide Zhong, Xiaoying Bai, Jay Elston
  • Engineering Adaptable Service Oriented Systems: A Model Driven Approach
    Adil Kenzi, Bouchra EI Asri, Mahmoud Nassar, Abdelaziz Kriouile
  • An Automatic Approach for Ontology-Driven Service Composition
    Hua Xiao, Ying Zou, Ran Tang, Joanna Ng, Leho Nigul
  • An Efficient QoS-driven Service Composition Approach for Large-scale Service Oriented Systems
    Bin Xu, Yixin Yan
Session 1B (Rm 101) : Service Control
Session Chair: I-Ling Yen
  • Effective and Efficient Implementation of an Information Flow Control Protocol for Service Composition
    Wei She, I-Ling Yen, Bhavani Thuraisinham, Elisa Bertino
  • Web Services and Role Selection in Support of Separation of Duties and Binding of Duties for Composable Process Execution
    San-Yih Hwang, Yun-Chih Chen, Yun Tang
  • A Message Meta Model for Federated Authentication in Service-oriented Architectures
    Martin Wolf, Ivonne Thomas, Michael Menzel, Christoph Meinel
  • Towards a Base Ontology for Privacy Protection in Service-Oriented Architecture
    Diego Garcia, M. Beatriz F. Toledo, Miriam A. M. Capretz, David S. Allison, Gordon S. Blair, Paul Grace, Carlos Flores
Session 1C (Rm 107) : Business Services
Session Chair: Chun-Hsin Wu
  • OaaS: Organization as a Service - Gradient Resource Structure Based on Shared Service Ability
    Seiichi Koizumi, Rhonda Righter, J. George Shanthikumar, Zuo-Jun Shen
  • Towards Dynamic Formation of Temporal Constraints for the Service Level Agreements Negotiation
    Azlan Ismail, Jun Yan, Jun Shen
  • Service Oriented License Providing
    Gregory Katsaros, Savvas Antonopoulos, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Theodora Varvarigou
  • A Registry Model for UN/CEFACT’s Core Components
    Christian Huemer, Philipp Liegl, Christian Pichler
12:10 pm - 1:30 pm
1:30 pm - 3:10 pm
Session 2
Session 2A (Rm 106) : Service Architecture
Session Chair: Fu-Ren Lin
  • Slicing Web Service-based Software
    Chengying Mao
  • Treating Software Design as a Service to Manage Complexity
    Chung-Horng Lung, Xu Zhang
  • REST2SOAP: A Framework to Integrate SOAP Services and RESTful Services
    Yu Yen Peng, Shang-Pin Ma, Jonathan Lee
  • Quo Vadis Interface Definition Languages? Towards an Interface Definition Language for RESTful Services
    Jurgen Mangler, Erich Schikuta, Christoph Witzany
Session 2B (Rm 101) : Cyber-Physical Services I
Session Chair: San-Yih Hwang
  • Reusable Integrity Management Services for Embedded Systems
    Lei Sun, Hiromasa Shimada, Tatsuo Nakajima
  • Dynamical Cognitive Services for Ambient Intelligence Environments
    Giovanni Acampora, Vincenzo Loia, Chang-Shing Lee, Mei-Hui Wang
  • Extending Service Model to Build an Effective Service Composition Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems
    Jian Huang, Farokh Bastani, I-Ling Yen, Jing Dong, Wenke Zhang, Feng-Jian Wang, Hwai-Jung Hsu
  • Mobile Web Service Provisioning in Peer to Peer Environments
    Mahbub Hassan
Session 2C (Rm 107) : Data-based Services
Session Chair: Soe-Tsyr Yuan
  • Dynamic Grid Quorum: A Novel Approach for Minimizing Power Consumption without Data Migration in Grid Quorums
    Munetoshi Ishikawa, Koji Hasebe, Akiyoshi Sugiki, Kazuhiko Kato
  • Peeraid: A Resilient Path-aware Storage System for Open Clouds
    Kun-Yi Cheng, Chun-Hsin Wu
  • Enterprise Data Center Governance Using Web 2.0 Portal and Services Integration
    Yew-Huey Liu, Frederick Y. Wu, Jih-Shyr Yih
  • Context-Aware Integration of Data-Centered Services
    Xiaoying Bai, Kun Wang, Cong Ding, Jing Li
3:10 pm - 3:30 pm
3:30 pm - 5:10 pm
Panel Discussion
How to Establish the Industrial Service Research?
Moderator: Soe-Tsyr Yuan
Panelists: Char-An Chao (to be confirmed), Fu-Ren Lin, James Fang, Ren-Da Yang
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Tuesday, December 15
9:00 am - 10:10 am
Cyber-Physical Systems: A New Set of Challenges for Interfacing with Humans
Prof. Raj Rajkumar, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
10:10 am - 10:30 am
10:30 am - 12:10 pm
Panel Discussion
Research Directions for Engineering Future Services
Moderator: Kwei-Jay Lin
Panelists: Tharam S. Dillon, Raj Rajkumar, Soo Dong Kim, Chi-Sheng Shih
12:10 pm - 1:30 pm
1:30 pm - 3:10 pm
Session 3
Session 3A (Rm 106) : Service Development II
Session Chair: Kuo-Ming Chao
  • A Reputation Scheme with Witness Reasoning for Service Selection
    Ping Wang, Kuo-Ming Chao, Chi-Chun Lo, Pu-Tsun Kuo
  • Design Principles and Measurable Service Oriented Usability
    Lung-Lung Liu
  • Service-Oriented Reverse Reengineering: 5W1H Model-Driven Re-Documentation and Candidate Services Identification
    Sam Chung, Daehee Won, Seung-Ho Baeg, Sangdeok Park
  • A Method of Semantic Web Service Composition based PDDL
    Yang Bo, Qin Zheng
Session 3B (Rm 101) : Cyber-Physical Services II
Session Chair: Tao Yu
  • A Code Generation and Execution Environment for Service-Oriented Smart Home Solutions
    Yann-Hang Lee, Wu Li, Wei-Tek Tsai, Young-Sung Son, Kyung-Duk Moon
  • A Service-based Approach to Developing Android Mobile Internet Device (MID) Applications
    Hyun Jung La, Soo Dong Kim
  • Developing Diabetes Self-Care Supporting Service: A Systemic Approach
    Yung-Hsiu Lin, Sophie Huey-Ming Guo, Rong-Rong Chen, Her-Kun Chang
Session 3C (Rm 107) : Service Management
Session Chair: Jih-Shyr Yih
  • Enhancing BPEL Processes with Self-tuning Behavior
    Adina Mosincat, Walter Binder
  • Enabling End-to-End Support for Non-Functional Properties in Web Services
    Vikas Agarwal, Pankaj Jalote
  • Monitoring Web Service Event Trails for Business Compliance
    Emmanuel Mulo, Uwe Zdun, Schahram Dustdar
  • Building a Modular Service Oriented Workflow Engine
    Gerhard Sturmer, Jurgen Mangler, Erich Schikuta
3:10 pm - 3:30 pm
3:30 pm - 5:10 pm
Session 4
Session 4A (Rm 106) : Embedded Services
Session Chair: Ling-Jyh Chen
  • Boosting the Efficiency of the Reliable Service Management Protocol for Message-Oriented Pervasive Systems in Smart Home Environments
    Chun-Feng Liao, Shin-Chih Chang, Li-Chen Fu
  • The Service Architecture of Real-time Video Analytic System
    Tao Yu, Baoyao Zhou, Qinghu Li, Rui Liu, Weihong Wang, Cheng Chang
  • Advance Reservations for Distributed Real-Time Workflows with Probabilistic Service Guarantees
    Tommaso Cucinotta, Kleopatra Konstanteli, Theodora Varvarigou
Session 4B (Rm 101) : Service Verification
Session Chair: Lung-Lung Liu
  • Formalizing Exception Handling in WS-CDL and WS-BPEL for Conformance Verification
    Wing Lok Yeung
  • Logic-based Verification for Web Services Composition with TLA
    Hongbing Wang, Li Li, Chen Wang, Zuling Kang, Dongxi Liu, Jemma Wu, Athman Bouguettaya
  • Simulation and Validation of Web Services Choreography
    Lei Zhou, Hao Xiao, Jing Ping, Geguang Pu, Hanyi Zhang
  • Verification of Channel Passing in Choreography with Model Checking
    Liyang Peng, Chao Cai, Qiu Zongyan,Geguang Pu
Session 4C (Rm 107) : Service Analysis
Session Chair: Yann-Hang Lee
  • A Metric for Measuring BPEL Process Context-Independency
    Alireza Khoshkbarforoushha, Pooyan Jamshidi, Ali Nikravesh, Sedigheh Khoshnevis, Fereidoon Shams
  • A Dependency Matrix Based Framework for QoS Diagnosis in SOA
    Jing Zhang, Yi-Chin Chang, Kwei-Jay Lin
  • SOABSE: An Approach to Realizing Business-Oriented Security Requirements with Web Service Security Policies
    Tan Phan, Jun Han, Ingo Mueller, Malinda Kapuruge, Steve Versteeg
  • Stepwise Engineering and Deployment of Dynamically Adaptive Service-oriented Business Processes
    Nasreddine Aoumeur, Kamel Barkaoui