4th IEEE International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering
August 24 - 27, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

TASE 2010 Program

August 24, 2010 (Tuesday)
1000 - 1200  Tutorial I : Professor Jean-Raymond Abrial.
Modeling, Refining, and Proving with Event-B
(Methodology of Software Development)
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1200 - 1400  Lunch
1400 - 1600  Tutorial II : Professor Yih-Kuen Tsay.
Assume-Guarantee Reasoning
1800 - 2000  Reception

August 25, 2010 (Wednesday)
0830 - 0900  Openning session
0900 - 1000  Session I
Invited talk : Prof. Jean-Raymond Abrial
Constructing a Prover Devoted to Set Theoretic Proofs
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Chair: Yih-Kuen Tsay
1000 - 1030  Coffee break
1030 - 1200  Session II: Formal Models
Chair: Churn-Jung Liau

Yongxin Zhao, Zheng Wang, Geguang Pu and Huibiao Zhu.

A Formal Model for Service Choreography with Exception Handling and Finalization

Chen-Wei Wang, Jim Davies and James Welch.

A Guarded Workflow Language and its Formal Semantics

Hung Ledang and Hubert Dubois.

Proving Model Transformations

1200 - 1400  lunch
1400 - 1530  Session III: Program Verification
Chair: Jonanthan Lee

Zhaopeng Li, Zhong Zhuang, Yiyun Chen, Simin Yang, Zhenting Zhang and Dawei Fan.

A Certifying Compiler for Clike Subset of C Language

Shengyi Wang, Zongyan Qiu, Shengchao Qin and Wei-Ngan Chin.

Stack Bound Inference for Abstract Java Bytecode

Liu Pan, Miao Huaikou and Mei Jia.

Efficient Algorithms for Building the Sets P and W

1530 - 1600  Coffee break
1630 - 1800  Session IV: Logics
Chair: Yu-Fang Chen

Lin Zhao, Tao Tang, Jinzhao Wu and Tianhua Xu.

Runtime Verification with Multi-Valued Formula Rewriting

Xiaoxiao Yang.

Axiomatic Interval Temporal Logic Verification

Hong Zhu.

On the Theoretical Foundation of Meta-Modelling in Graphically Extended BNF and First Order Logic

1830 - 2200 Social Event


August 26, 2010 (Thursday)
0900 - 1000  Session V
Invited talk : Saddek Bensalem (VERIMAG)
Component-Based Design of Real-Time Systems in BIP
Chair: Farn Wang
1000 - 1030  Coffee break
1030 - 1200 Session VI: Model-Checking
Chair: Doron A. Peled

Kahloul Laid, Chaoui Allaoua and Djouani Karim.

Modeling Reconfirgurable Systems Using Flexible Petri Nets

Yunhe Wang, Bo Jiang and Li Jiao.

Property Checking for 1-Place-Unbounded Petri Nets

Haibin Zhang and Zhenhua Duan.

Model Checking Rectangular Hybrid Systems With Timed Computation Tree Logic

1200 - 1400  Lunch
1400 - 1500  Session VII: Process Algebrae
Chair: Hsu-Chun Yen

Zining Cao.

Bisimulations for Open Processes in Higher Order Pi-Calculus

Moritz Kleine and Thomas Gothel.

Specification, Verification and Implementation of Business Processes using CSP

1500 - 1530 Coffee break
1530 - 1630  Session VIII: Synthesis
Chair: Jean-Raymond Abrial

Saddek Bensalem, Axel Legay, Thanh Hung Nguyen, Joseph Sifakis and Rongjie Yan.

Incremental Invariant Generation for Compositional Design

Fei He, He Zhu, William N. N. Hung, Xiaoyu Song and Ming Gu.

Compositional Abstraction Refinement for Timed Systems

1630 - 1700  Coffee break
1700 - 1800  Session IX: Poster Papers
Chair: Saddek Bensalem

Hai Wan, Xiaoyu Song and Ming Gu.

Parameterized Specifying and Verifying PLC Systems in Coq

Farn Wang.

Lazy Decision Diagrams for Word-Level Model Manipulation in Software Verification

Raghava Rao Mukkamala and Thomas Hildebrandt.

From Dynamic Condition Response Structures to Buechi Automata

1830 - 2100 PC Meeting


August 27, 2010 (Friday)
0900 - 1000 Session X
Invited talk : Libra C.Y. Huang (IBM, Taiwan)
Building a Smarter Planet with Smarter Products
Chair: Jing Liu
1000 - 1030  Coffee break
1030 - 1200  Session XI: Complex Systems
Chair: Fang Yu

Yongxin Zhao, Yanhong Huang, Jianwen Li and Huibiao Zhu.

Probabilistic Model of System Survivability

Jianjun Xu, Qingping Tan and Wanwei Liu.

Estimating the Soft Error Vulnerability of Register Files via Interprocedural Data Flow Analysis

Shengbo Chen.

Towards Practical Modeling of Web Applications and Generating Tests

1200 - 1800  Lunch and excursion
1800 - 2100 Banquet



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