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Journal of Inforamtion Science and Engineering, Vol. 16 No. 2, pp. 147-169 (March 2000)

Significant Message Precedence in Object-Based Systems

Katsuya Tanaka, Tomoya Enokido, Hiroaki Higaki
and Makoto Takizawa

Department of Computers and Systems Engineering
Tokyo Denki University
Hiki-gun, Saitama 350-0394, Japan
E-mail: {katsu,hig, taki}@takilab.k.dendai.ac.jp

Distributed applications are realized through cooperation among multiple objects. The state of an object depends on the order in which the objects exchange request and response messages. In this paper, we newly define an object-based precedent relation of messages based on a conflicting relation among requests. Here, only the messages to be ordered in the object-based system are ordered, and the others are not ordered. We discuss a protocol which supports object-based ordered delivery of request and response messages. Here, an object vector is newly proposed to order messages.

Keywords: object-based group (OG) protocol, object-based ordered (OBO) delivery, causally ordered (CO) delivery, object-based system, object vector

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Received March 3, 1999; revised June 16 & July 27, 1999; accepted September 20, 1999.
Communicated by Shang-Rong Tsai.