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Journal of Inforamtion Science and Engineering, Vol.17 No.1, pp.147-158 (January 2001)

A Fully Distributed Approach to Repositoties
of Reusable Software Components

Yuen-Chang Sun, Ming-Lin Kao and Chin-Laung Lei
Department of Electrical Engineering
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan 116, R.O.C.
E-mail: {sun; kml; lei}

Software reuse has long been a promising yet elusive tehcnology for improving software productivity and quality. One of the related problems is the lack of quality software components and the inability of developers to efficiently find them. We attack this problem by establishing a fully distributed repositories architecture, with which component sharing and circulation are encouraged. Tools are developed to facilitate access to repositories across network, and techniques using degradation functions and a component migratin history are introduced to further simplify component retrieval.

Keywords: component repositories, distributed systems, degradation functions, faceted classification, migration history, software reuse, thesaurus

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Received January 19, 1998; revised June 26, 1998; accepted August 11, 1998.
Communicated by K. S. Kuo.