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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 25 No. 5, pp. 1593-1604 (September 2009)

Route Throughput Analysis with Spectral Reuse for Multi-Rate Mobile Ad Hoc Networks*

1Department of Computer Science
National Chiao Tung University
Hsinchu, 300 Taiwan
E-mail: {lwchen; wkchu; yctseng}
2Department of Information and Computer Engineering
Chung-Yuan Christian University
Chungli, 320 Taiwan
3Institute of Information Science
Academia Sinica
Taipei, 115 Taiwan

The mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) have received a lot of attention for its flexible network architecture. While many routing protocols have been proposed for MANETs based on different criteria, few have considered the impact of multi-rate communication capability that is supported by many current WLAN products. Given a routing path, this paper provides an analytic tool to evaluate the expected throughput of the route with spectral reuse, assuming that hosts move following the discrete-time, randomwalk model. The derived result can be added as another metric for route selection. Simulation results show that the proposed formulation can be used to evaluate path throughput accurately.

Keywords: ad hoc networks, mobile computing, mobile networks, routing, wireless communication, spectral reuse

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Received October 22, 2007; revised January 30, 2008; accepted March 6, 2008.
Communicated by Ten-Hwang Lai.
* Y. C. Tsengs research was co-sponsored by Taiwan MoE ATU Program, by NSC grants No. 93-2752-E-007- 001-PAE, 95-2221-E-009-058-MY3, 95-2221-E-009-060-MY3, 96-2219-E-009-007, 96-2218-E-009-004, 96- 2622-E-009-004-CC3, and 96-2219-E-007-008, by MOEA under grant No. 94-EC-17-A-04-S1-044, by ITRI, Taiwan, by Microsoft under grant FY08-RES-THEME-092, and by Intel Corp.