TR-IIS-05-008    Fulltext

A General Model for Medication Scheduling

P. C. Hsiu, H. C. Yeh, P. H. Tsai, C. S. Shih, D. H. Burkhardt, T. W. Kuo, J. W. S. Liu and T. Y. Huang


We describe here a general model, called the GMS (General Medication Schedule) model, for specifying requirements and constraints of medication schedules. A specification based on the model captures limits in dosage and timing given by medication directions in general and guidelines and preferences specific to the user. The controller of a smart dispenser can compute schedules of dispenser commands based on the specification. By executing the commands according to the schedules, the dispenser deliveries reminders and dispenses medications in conformance with directions. The rules embedded in the specification provide the dispenser with criteria needed for compliance monitoring and enforcement.