TR-IIS-06-003    Fulltext

A Scarce Resource Model for Medication Scheduling

P. H. Tsai, H. C. Yeh, P. C. Hsiu, C. S. Shih, T. W. Kuo and J. W. S. Liu


This report describes a resource model for medication scheduling. It is called the General Medication Specification-Scarce Resource (GMS-SR) model. The GMS-SR model assumes that the medication dispenser has sufficient power and capacities to send reminders, dispense medications, and monitor/record medication histories on a timely basis. The user is a scarce resource, however. The dispenser must take into account contention for the user when it dispenses medications. The GMS-SR model puts medication scheduling in the rigorous framework of real-time scheduling. Because medication scheduling algorithms based on the model resemble real-time scheduling algorithms, some concepts and guidelines in real-time scheduling are readily applicable.