TR-IIS-06-015    Fulltext

Bee: A Best Effort Peer-to-Peer Delivery Protocol for Internet Data Dissemination Application

Chi-Jen Wu, Cheng-Ying Li, Kai-Hsiang Yang and Jan-Ming Ho


How to rapidly disseminate a large-sized file to many recipients is a fundamental problem in many applications, such as updating software patches and distributing multimedia content. In this paper, we present the Bee protocol, which is a best-effort peer-to-peer file delivery protocol aiming at minimizing the maximum dissemination time for all peers to obtain the complete file. Bee is a decentralized protocol that organizes peers into a randomized mesh-based overlay and each peer only works with local knowledge. We introduce a slowest peer first strategy to boost the speed of dissemination, and design a topology adaptation algorithm that adapts the number of connections based on upload bandwidth capacity of a peer. Moreover, Bee is designed to support network heterogeneity and deal with the flash crowd arrival pattern without sacrificing the dissemination speed. We present a lower bound analysis and experimental results on the performance of Bee in terms of dissemination time and show that its performance can approaches the lower bound of the maximum dissemination time.

Index Terms—Peer-to-peer System, Content Delivery, Data Dissemination.