Research Fellow/Professor  |  Chen, Meng Chang  
Research Descriptions

        My research interests include QoS networking, wireless LAN, operating systems, multimedia systems and networks, data and knowledge management, and knowledge discovery and representation.

        The current research interests of this lab (ANTS, Advanced Internet Technologies and Services) include (1) WLAN as an access network and (2) Internet document and knowledge management. In the first direction, the ANTS lab has studied the enhancement of the IEEE 802.11 family in order to provide QoS guarantee and multimedia communication, and ad hoc network access. Resource management and fairness are the major issues for QoS guarantee. Beside theoretical study, we have implemented a prototype on Linux. Our studies cover MAC layer, network layer and transport layer protocols.

        With respect to the research on Quality of Service networking, the ANTS lab focuses on the topics of efficient and fair management of network resources. Besides theorectical studies, we have implemented a policy-based QoS router prototype based on the Linux operating system. This prototype provides a user-friendly Web user interface for the network administrator to achieve the goal of hierarchical link sharing. The network administrator can manage the bandwidth allocation for each department of the organization via the Web browser. It also provides network statistics of bandwidth allocation via the Web interface as a reference for network planning.

        The ANTS lab also conducts research on Internet Document and Knowledge Management, including the following topics: personalized knowledge management, topic discovery, and event detection and tracking. The personalization system filters information for users based on learned user profiles. Topic discovery finds interesting topics via hyperlinks of Web documents. The goal of the event detection and life cycle tracking process is to identify articles from several sources about a specific event and distinguish these articles from others.