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Journal Articles
1. Shu-Hwa Chen, Wen-Yu Kuo, Sheng-Yao Su, Wei-Chun Chung, Jen-Ming Ho, Henry Horng-Shing Lu, Chung-Yen Lin, "A Gene Profiling Deconvolution Approach to Estimate Immune Cell Composition from Complex Tissues," BMC Bioinformatics, volume 19, number (Suppl 4), pages 154, May 2018, :::icon
2. Hsiang-Yi Hsu, Fang-Chi Chang, Yu-Bin Wang, Shu-Hwa Chen, Ya-Bo Lin, Chung-Yen Lin, Yu-San Han*, "Revealing the compositions of the intestinal microbiota of three Anguillid eel species by using 16S rDNA sequencing," Aquaculture Research, volume 1, pages 1-12, May 2018. :::icon
3. Hsiao-Pei Lu, Po-Yu Liu, Yu-bin Wang, Ji-Fan Hsieh, Han-Chen Ho, Shiao-Wei Huang, Chung-Yen Lin, Chih-hao Hsieh, Hon-Tsen Yu, "Functional Characteristics of the Flying Squirrels Cecal Microbiota under a Leaf-Based Diet, Based on Multiple Meta-Omic Profiling," Frontiers in Microbiology, volume 8, pages 2622, January 2018. :::icon
4. Hangfei Qi, Virginia Chu, Nicholas C. Wu, Zugen Chen, Shawna Truong, Gurpreet Brar, Sheng-Yao Su, Yushen Du, Vaithilingaraja Arumugaswami, C. Anders Olson, Shu-Hua Chen, Chung-Yen Lin, Ting-Ting Wu, and Ren Sun, "Systematic identification of anti-interferon function on hepatitis C virus genome reveals p7 as an immune evasion protein," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), volume 114, number 8, pages 2018–2023, February 2017, Collaboration with team in UCLA, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1614623114 :::icon
5. Sheng-Yao Su, Shu-Hwa Chen, I-Hsuan Lu, Yih-Shien Chiang, Yu-Bin Wang, Pao-Yang Chen, Chung-Yen Lin*, "TEA: The Epigenome platform for Arabidopsis methylome study," BMC Genomics, volume 17(S13), pages 1027, December 2016, Tea website: :::icon
6. Anderson B. Mayfield, Yu-Bin Wang, Chii-Shiarng Chen, Shu-Hwa Chen, and Chung-Yen Lin*, "Dual-compartmental transcriptomic + proteomic analysis of a marine endosymbiosis exposed to environmental change," Molecular Ecology, volume 25, number 23, pages 5944-5958, November 2016, The web database can be found at (IF: 5.98) :::icon
7. Jen-Chieh Lee, Sheng-Yao Su, Chun A, Changou, Rong-Sen Yang, Keh-Sung Tsai, Michael T. Collins, Eric S. Orwoll, Chung-Yen Lin, Shu-Hwa Chen, Shyang-Rong Shih, Chen-Han Lee, Yoshinao Oda, Steven D. Billings, Chien-Feng Li, G. Petur Nielsen, Eiichi Konishi, Fredrik Petersson, Thomas O. Carpenter, Hsuan-Ying Huang, and Andrew L. Folpe, "Characterization of FN1-FGFR1 and Novel FN1-FGF1 Fusion Genes in a Large Series of Phosphaturic Mesenchymal Tumors," Modern Pathology, volume 29, pages 1335-1346, November 2016, (IF: 6.4), collaboration with NTUH, doi:10.1038/modpathol.2016.137 :::icon
8. Tzu-Po Chuang, Jaw-Yuan Wang, Shu-Wen Jao, Chang-Chieh Wu, Jiann-Hwa Chen, Koung-Hung Hsiao, Chung-Yen Lin, Shu-Hwa Chen, Sheng-Yao Su, Ying-Ju Chen, Yuan-Tsong Chen, Deng-Chyang Wu, Ling-Hui Li, "Over-expression of AURKA, SKA3 and DSN1 contributes to colorectal adenoma to carcinoma progression," Oncotarget, volume 7, number 29, pages 45803-45818, June 2016, DOI: 10.18632/oncotarget.9960 (IF: 6.4 ) :::icon
9. Chih-Hao Fang, Yu-Jung Chang, Wei-Chun Chung, Ping-Heng Hsieh, Chung-Yen Lin and Jan-Ming Ho, "Subset selection of high-depth next generation sequencing reads for de novo genome assembly using MapReduce framework," BMC Genomics, volume 16, number Suppl 12, pages S9, December 2015. :::icon
10. Lin CH, Chen SH,Wang YB, Hsiung CA, Lin CY*, "Precise Genotyping and Recombination Detection in Enterovirus," BMC Genomics, volume 16, number Suppl 12, pages S8, December 2015, Cooperation with Team in NHRI. *:Corresponding Author. (SCI/4.4, BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY/ Q1) :::icon
11. Hsu HY, Chen SH, Cha YR, Aoyama J, Miller M, Watanabe S, Tsukamoto K, Lin CY*, Han YS*., "Deciphering the Digestive and Absorptive Capacities of Embryo, Pre-leptocephalus, Leptocephalus, and Glass eel stages of the Japanese Eel (Anguilla japonica) Using Next-Generation Sequencing," PLoS One, volume 10, number 9, pages e0139105, September 2015, Cooperation with Team in NTU. *:Corresponding author.(IF: 3.730,Journal ranking: Multidisciplinary Sciences/Q1: 7/56, 12.5%) :::icon
12. Kuo, C. Y., Chen, C. H., Chen, S. H., Lu, I. H., Lu, Huang, L. C., Lin, C. Y., Lin, Chen, C. Y., Lo, H. F., Jeng, S. T., Chen, L. F. O., "The Effect of Red Light and Far-Red Light Conditions on Secondary Metabolism in Agarwood," BMC Plant Biology, volume 15, pages 139, June 2015, The website for whole results can be found at (IF: 3.94, Journal ranking: PLANT SCIENCES: 22/199, 11%) :::icon
13. Jiann-Horng Leu, Kuan-Fu Liu, Kuan-Yu Chen, Shu-Hwa Chen, Yu-Bin Wang, Chung-Yen Lin, Chu-Fang Lo., "The novel white spot syndrome virus-induced gene, PmERP15, encodes an ER stress- responsive protein in black tiger shrimp, Penaeus monodon," Developmental & Comparative Immunology, volume 49, number 2, pages 239-248, April 2015, (IF: 3.70,Journal ranking: Zoology/Q1: 4/153, 2.6%) :::icon
14. Jen-Chieh Lee,Yung-Ming Jeng, Sheng-Yao Su, Chen-Tu Wu, Keh-Sung Tsai, Cheng-Han Lee, Chung-Yen Lin, Jodi M. Carter, Jeng-Wen Huang, Shu-Hwa Chen, Shyang-Rong Shih, Adrián Mariño-Enríquez, Chih-Chih Chen, Andrew L. Folpe, Yih-Leong Chang and Cher-Wei Liang, "Identification of a Novel FN1-FGFR1 Genetic Fusion as a Frequent Event in Phosphaturic Mesenchymal Tumour," The Journal of Pathology, volume 235, number 4, pages 539-45, March 2015, Collaboration with team in NTU hospital for rare disease (IF: 7.33, Journal ranking: Pathology/Q1: 3/76, 3.9%) :::icon
15. Chia-Hao Chin, Shu-Hwa Chen, Hsin-Hung Wu, Chin-Wen Ho, Ming-Tat Ko *, and Chung-Yen Lin, "cytoHubba: a Cytoscape Plug-in for Hub Object Analysis in Network Biology," BMC Systems Biology, volume 8, number Suppl 4, pages S11, December 2014, Plug-in for cytoscape, accumulated download over 7,500 times (IF: 2.85, Journal ranking: MATHEMATICAL & COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY/Q1: 7/52, 13.5%) :::icon
16. Mayfield, Anderson; Wang, Yu-Bin; Chen, Chii-Shiarng; Lin, Chung-Yen; Chen, Shu-Hwa, "Compartment-specific transcriptomics in a reef-building coral exposed to elevated temperatures," Molecular Ecology, volume 23, number 23, pages 5816-5830, December 2014, Collaboration with Living Oceans Foundation (IF: 5.84,Journal ranking: Ecology/Q1: 11/141, 7.8%) :::icon
17. Roland Gilbert Remenyi , Hangfei Qi , Sheng-Yao Su , Zugen Chen , Nicholas C. Wu , Vaithilingaraja Arumugaswami , Shawna Truong , Virginia Chu , Tamar Stokelman , Hung-Hao Lo , C. Anders Olson ,Ting-Ting Wu , Shu-Hwa Chen , Chung-Yen Lin, Ren Sun, "A Comprehensive Functional Map of the Hepatitis C Virus Genome Provides a Resource for Probing Viral Proteins)," mBio, volume 5, number 5, pages e01469-14, September 2014, Collaboration with team in UCLA (IF: 6.85,Journal ranking: MICROBIOLOGY/Q1: 12/119, 10%) :::icon
18. Wei-Chun Chung, Chien-Chih Chen, Jan-Ming Ho, Chung-Yen Lin, Wen-Lian Hsu, Yu-Chun Wang, Der-Tsai Lee, Feipei Lai, Chih-Wei Huang and Yu-Jung Chang, "CloudDOE: A User-Friendly Tool for Deploying Hadoop Clouds and Analyzing High-Throughput Sequencing Data with MapReduce," PLoS One, volume 9, number 6, pages 10.1371/journal.pone.0098146, June 2014, (IF: 3.730,Journal ranking: Multidisciplinary Sciences/Q1: 7/56, 12.5%) :::icon
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21. Qi H, Olson CA, Wu NC, Ke R, Loverdo C, Chu V, Truong S, Remenyi R, Chen Z, Du Y, Su SY, Al-Mawsawi LQ, Wu TT, Chen SH, Lin CY, Zhong W, Lloyd-Smith JO, Sun R., "A quantitative high-resolution genetic profile rapidly identifies sequence determinants of viral fitness and drug sensitivity," PLoS Pathogens, volume 10, number 4, pages e1004064, April 2014, Collaboration with Team in UCLA (IF: 8.06,Journal ranking: PARASITOLOGY/Q1: 2/37, 5.4%) :::icon
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Book & Book Chapters
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2. Cynthia Gibas, Per Jambeck (Translated in Chinese by Chung-Yen Lin et al.,), "Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills," O’REILLY, 2002, ISBN: 986-7794-05-2