Research Fellow  |  Ho, Jan-Ming  
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Professional activities
  1. Local Arrangement, IEEE COMSOC 2015, Taichung, Taiwan (2015/05–2015/07)
  2. Program Committee, Industry and Government, IEEE Big Data 2015, CA, USA (2015/05–2015/12)
  3. Associate Editor, IEEE Transaction on Multimedia (1998–2004)
Conference Services
  1. Steering Committee Member, The 22nd VLSI Design/CAD Conference, Taiwan (2011/08–present)
  2. Organizing Committee, Conference on Foresight 'Taiwan Initiative, Taiwan (2010/11–2010/11)
  3. Organization of Topic II, Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Taiwan (2010/11–2010/11)
  4. Symposium General Co-Chair, IEEE MamSOE'08(APSCC-2008), Taiwan/Yilan (2008/09–2008/12)
  5. Steering committees member, VLSI Design/CAD Symposium, Taiwan/Taiwan IC Design Society (2008)
  6. Advisory Board Member, ICS 2008, Taiwan/the Ministry of Education (2008)
  7. Steering committees member, VLSI, Taiwan/Taiwan IC Design Society (2007)
  8. General Co-Chair, ICESA (2007)
  9. Steering committees member, IEEE EEE’(e-Technology, e-Commerce, and e-Service), Hong Kong (2005/03–2005/04)
  10. Program Chair, Usenix Asia BSD Conference 2004 (2004)
  11. General Co-Chair, 2004 IEEE International Conference on e-Technology, e-Commerce and e-Service (2004)
  12. Program Committee Co-Chair, APEC Workshop on Resource Sharing in Digital Libraries (2004)
  13. Steering committees member, National Computer Symposium (2003)
  14. Program Committee Co-Chair, ICOS (2003)
  15. Program Chair, International Conference on Digital Archive Technology (2002–2004)
  16. Program Committee Co-Chair, APEC Workshop on e-Learning and Digital Libraries (2002)
  17. General Co-Chair, IEEE RTAS 2001 (2001)
  18. Steering committees member, International Conference on Open Source (2001–2003)
  19. Steering committees member, VLSI Design/CAD Symposium, Taiwan/Taiwan IC Design Society (2000–2006)
  20. General Co-Chair, International Symposium on Multi-Technology Information Processing (1997)
  21. Program Chair, Symposium on Real-time Media Systems, Taipei (1994–1998)
TPC/PC Members
  1. Program committee, IEEE CEC EEE, Crystal City, Washington, D.C.,USA (2007/12–2008/07)
  2. Program Committee Member, Conference on Enterprise Open Source Software (2005)
  3. Program Committee Member, Taiwan Linux Forum (2005)
  4. Program Committee Member, Conference on Middleware (2005)
  5. Program Committee Member, Taiwan Linux Forum (2005)
  6. Program committee member, Foundry Day, Forging Expertise (2004)
  7. Program committee member, Fourth Asia Open Source Symposium (2004)
  8. Program committee member, 4th IEEE International Symposium on Bioinformatics and Bio Engineering, Taichung, Taiwan (2004)
  9. Program committee member, ICOS (2004–2005)
  10. Program committee member, Yet Another Perl Conference (2004–2005)
  11. Program committee member, IEEE Conference on Electronic Commerce (2003)
  12. Program committee member, The 13th Workshop on Object-Oriented Technology and Applications (2002)
  13. Program committee member, The 8th Workshop on Mobile Computing (2002)
  14. Program committee member, Workshop on Information Society and Digital Divide (2001)
  15. Program committee member, Summer Institute on Bioinformatics (2001)
  16. Program committee member, IEEE ICDCS, 1999 (1999)
  17. Program committee member, IEEE Workshop on Dependable and Real-Time E-Commerce Systems (1998)
  18. Program committee member, VLSI Design/CAD Symposium (1994–1999)
  1. member, Planet-Lab Global Distributed Computing Lab, USA (2004/06–2005)
  2. Member, ACM, USA (1996–present)
  3. Member, IEEE, USA (1980/01–present)
Society Service
  1. Advisory Committee Member, International Mathematics and Science Olympiad, MOE, Taiwan (2006)