Distinguished Research Fellow  |  Lee, Der- Tsai  
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Personnel Training
  1. Ph.D., Chung-Shou Liao 廖崇碩, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2004/08–2009/08)
  2. Ph.D., Tien-Ching Lin 林添進, "Algorithmic Studies of Sequence Manipulation and Related Problems ", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2003/09–2007/06)
  3. Ph.D., Gen-Cher Lee 李政池, "ShareTone: A Web-Based Collaborative System", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2001/09–2008/06)
  4. Ph.D., Tzu-Lun Huang 黃子倫, "Design and Analysis of Distributed QoS Multicast Routing Algorithms", Dept. CSIE, NTU (1999/09–2006/06)
  1. M.S., Bang Hsin Dai 戴邦炘, CSIE, NTU (2010/09)
  2. M.S., Min Huang Chu 朱民晃, GIEE, NTU (2010/09–2011/03)
  3. M.S., Yu-Shuan Su 蘇育萱, GIEE, NTU (2009/09)
  4. M.S., Shi-Ming Chang 張仕明, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2008/09–2010/07)
  5. M.S., Mong-Zhe Lee 李孟哲, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2008/09–2010/07)
  6. M.S., Han-Lin Chen 陳翰霖, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2008/09–2010/07)
  7. M.S., Mong-Jen Kao 高孟駿, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2008/07)
  8. M.S., Yu-Shuan Su 蘇育萱, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2007/09–2009/07)
  9. M.S., Hai-Lun Tu 杜海倫, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2006/09)
  10. M.S., An-Chen Hsiao 蕭安辰, "Set to Set Broadcasting in Heterogeneous Network", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2006/09–2008/06)
  11. M.S., Chun-Hung Tsai 蔡君宏, "Benchmark System with Hypothesis Test of Two Population Means", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2006/09–2008/06)
  12. M.S., Mong-Jen Kao 高孟駿, "Capacitated Domination Problem", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2006/09–2008/06)
  13. M.S., Hung-Kai Wang 王鴻愷, "Time Convex Hull with Two Highways", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2006/09–2008/06)
  14. M.S., Chien-Yuen Chung 鐘健元, "Analysis of Geometric Minimum Diameter Minimum Cost Spanning Trees", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2005/09–2008/02)
  15. M.S., Ching-Chiang Huang 黃敬強, "The Defensive Competition Problem", Dept. CSIE, NCTU (2004/09–2006/06)
  16. M.S., Cheng-Chung Li 李政崇, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2004/09)
  17. M.S., Wei-Bung Wang 王維邦, "Time-based Voronoi Diagram and Transportation Network Pricing", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2004/09–2006/06)
  18. M.S., Tin-En Wei 魏廷恩, "Algorithmic Aspect of Edge-Coloring", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2004/09–2006/06)
  19. M.S., Yi-Xian Chen 陳奕先, "Gaceful Labelling On Grids in 3-Dimensions and 4-Dimension", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2004/09–2006/06)
  20. M.S., Kuen-Lin Yu 余昆霖, "Maximization of Points Labeling Problem on a Single Line", Dept. CSIE, NCTU (2004/09–2006/06)
  21. M.S., Ming-Hung Tsai 蔡銘宏, "A Portable Algorithm Visualization System for Geometric Computing", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2004/09–2006/06)
  22. M.S., Mufen Hsieh 謝沐芬, Dept. CSIE, NTHU (2003/10–2004/04)
  23. M.S., Yi-Li Lin 林宜立, "A Visualization Tool for the Sitemap of a Knowledge Portal and the Concept Map of Group Knowledge", Dept. CSIE, NSTU (2003/09–2005/06)
  24. M.S., Ming-Yu Chen 陳明裕, Dept. CSIE. NCKU (2003/06–2006/11)
  25. M.S., Heng-Chin Yeh 葉恆青, "Reporting Center Problem for Interval Graphs and Trees", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2002/09–2004/06)
  26. M.S., Chung-Shou Liao 廖崇碩, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2002/01–2004/07)
  27. M.S., Teng-Kai Yu 游騰楷, "Crossing Distribution and Minimization Problem", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2001/09–2003/06)
  28. M.S., Chun Sheng Sung 宋俊昇, "A Benchmark System for Run-Time Evaluation of Algorithms", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2001/09–2003/03)
  29. M.S., Yui-Shin Chen 陳禹昕, "Point labeling on a single line", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2001/08–2003/06)
  30. M.S., Che-Rong Lee 李哲榮, Dept. CS, NTHU (2000/02–2000/06)
  31. M.S., Tsung-Yi Ho 何宗易, "Research on Geometrical Minimum Radius (Diameter) Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Problems", Dept. CSIE, NCTU (1999/09–2001/06)
Postdoctoral Fellows
  1. Postdoctoral Fellow, Chih-Hung Liu 劉智弘, GIEE, NTU (2010/07)
  2. Postdoctoral Fellow, Gregory Aloupis 葛萊格, "Reconfigurations of Polygonal Structures", School of Computer Science, McGill University (2009/09–2010/09)
  3. Postdoctoral Fellow, Gen-Cher Lee 李政池, "ShareTone: A Web-Based Collaborative System", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2008/10–2010/06)
  4. Postdoctoral Fellow, Herbert Yu 游弘毅, Dept. CS, NTHU (2008/09)
  5. Postdoctoral Fellow, Tien-Ching Lin 林添進, "Algorithmic Studies of Sequence Manipulation and Related Problems", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2007/07)
  6. Postdoctoral Fellow, Ching-Chi Lin 林清池, Dept. CSIE. NTU (2007/01–2008/02)
  7. Postdoctoral Fellow, Yung-Teng Tsai 蔡永橙, Dept. CS, Univ. Leeds (2005/04–2006/05)
  8. Postdoctoral Fellow, Ying-Chung Wang 王盈中, Dept. Electrical and Control Engineering, NCTU (2004/10–2008/10)
  9. Postdoctoral Fellow, Laurent Lin, 林漢洲, Dept. EECS, Northwestern University (2003/11)
  10. Postdoctoral Fellow, Guo-Wei Bian 邊國維, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2003/08–2005/02)
  11. Postdoctoral Fellow, Jyh-Da Wei 魏志達, Dept. CIS, NCTU (2002/01–2007/08)
  12. Postdoctoral Fellow, Shaw-Qi Sha 夏紹基, Dept. Electrical and Control Engineering, NCTU (1999/10–2003/10)
  1. Assistant, Ming-Hung Tsai 蔡銘宏, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2006/06–2011/04)
  2. Assistant, Tai-Yu Chen 陳泰瑜, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2006/01–2011/03)
  3. Assistant, Tsai-Yeh Tung 董才業, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2005/10)
  4. Assistant, I-Hong Jhuo 卓奕宏 , Dept. CSIE, NTU (2005/09)
  5. Assistant, Chung-Hung Tsai 蔡忠宏, Dept. CSE, NCTU (2005/05–2007/10)
  6. Assistant, Teng-Kai Yu 游騰楷, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2005/01–2011/03)
  7. Assistant, Chung-Shou Liao 廖崇碩, Dept. CSIE, NTU (2004/08–2009/12)
  8. Assistant, Te-Chin Chu 朱德清, Dept. CSIE, NTNU (2004/01–2009/12)
  9. Assistant, Jeng-Hung Huang 黃正宏, Dept. CSIE, National Chung-Cheng University (2001/08–2006/05)
  10. Assistant, Tien-Ching Lin 林添進, "Algorithmic Studies of Sequence Manipulation and Related Problems", Dept. CSIE, NTU (2000/09–2007/06)
  11. Assistant, Shiang-Heng Chen 陳相亨 , Dept. Information Management, National Chung-Chung University (2000/08–2005/01)
  12. Assistant, Chien-Min Lee 李建民, Dept. EE, NTU (2000/01–2004/01)
  13. Assistant, Yao-wen Huang 黃耀文, Dept. EE, NTU (2000/01–2005/12)