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ch show that true randomness can be certified under the minimal assumptions on Director’s Message
the existence of weak randomness, implying a strong form of a dichotomy theorem
on the existence of randomness in fundamental physics and device-independent

We lead a major research effort in Chinese language processing. IIS developed the
first balanced Sinica Corpus, with more than 5 million words and part-of-speech
tagging. Licenses have been issued to major research groups and companies
around the world, including Yahoo, Microsoft, and Apple. Our intelligent Chinese
input system, GOING, has been used by more than a million people in Taiwan. We
have also developed Chinese word segmentation system that has processed more
than a million documents. In addition, our Chinese question answering system has
won a major international competition. The group has developed a pattern-based
machine learning (ML) approach, SPBA, which possess the benefits of both rule-
based and traditional statistical ML approaches. SPBA automatically corrects for
variations and exceptions in rules, and is highly interpretable.

Our research in bioinformatics has also flourished recently. As most cancer
biomarkers are glycoproteins and membrane proteins, we have become world
leaders in biomarker identification by developing an automated glycoprotein
identification system. We have also developed an automated tool for glycan
synthesis. Furthermore, we played an integral role in analyzing chromosome 4 for
the international Human Proteome Project. In next generation sequencing (NGS)
analysis, we have produced a variety of computational methods and platforms,
comprehensively covering short-read assembly, read alignment, and analysis
of metagenomics and multi-omics data. Moreover, in August 2016, Taiwan was
invited by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) to join the international Cancer
Moonshot Project. A major goal that we are contributing toward is proteogenomic
characterization of cancers.

Finally, we have initiated around 20 Sinica-wide seed projects in Data Science. This
initiative is organized by Dr. Sheng-Wei Chen, and we believe the cross-disciplinary
research will flourish in the near future. Many of our research efforts have significant
practical implications, which may generate potential commercial opportunities. IIS
investigators are encouraged to develop such endeavors. IIS, together with the newly
established CITI, looks forward to a concerted effort in leading fundamental and
practical research in this important field.

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