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“Known will hills be if fairies dwell, no matter high or low; and charmed will waters be if dragons lurk, no matter deep or shallow.” The impact of academic research is not a product of quantity, and so quantity of research is not the main concern of Academia Sinica. The Institute of Information Science has been established more than 35 years, and with a careful and conscientious mindset, our research fellows have earned many distinguished awards. Former directors Dr. Der-Tsai Lee and Dr. Lin-Shan Lee are chief examples, both having been elected as Academician of Academia in succession.

The achievements and honors of other faculty are equally significant—they include the Outstanding Appointed Researcher Award, Outstanding Research Award, Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, Academia Sinica (A.S.) Sprout Project Award, A.S. Award for Junior Research Investigators, Young Researcher Award of the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship, Outstanding Award of Pan Wen Yuan Foundation, TECO Foundation Award, and more. A few faculty members are honored as IEEE Fellow and ACM Fellow due to their academic achievements.

I fully ascribe to the motto promoted under former Director Dr. Der-Tsai Lee—“Every job is a self-portrait of those who did it. Autograph your work with quality.” This mentality conveys that the ultimate goal of academic research is not monetary fortune, but rather the fortune of mankind. On top of that, I support and hope to carry on the spirit expressed by Dr. Yuan-Tseh Lee, the former President of Academia Sinica, when he said, “Share the fruit of knowledge with all mankind.

Finally, I.I.S., which stands for Institute of Information Science, also stands for the following: “I” for Integrity- may upright be our name; “I” for Innovation- impactful research always originates from creativity; “S” for Serenity-rather than the literal Chinese translation of “silence,” its greater meaning derives from the saying, “A simple life preserves integrity, tranquility yields transcendence.” This inner quietness empowers researchers to enlarge their scope and vision, and to be still when faced with a problem, and then make a sound judgment that truly solves the problem by the given wisdom.

Let’s do it and strive for excellence!

sign by liao
September 2018