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TIGP--Crossing fields: from computer science to bioinformatics

  • LecturerDr. Huai-Kuang Tsai (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica)
    Host: Miss Elsa Pan
  • Time2010-12-09 (Thu.) 14:00 – 15:00
  • LocationAuditorium 106 at new IIS Building
Abstract: I have been messing with the interdisciplinary field of bioinformatics as well as the field of evolutionary algorithm for half of my life. It all started with my Ph.D. work, which I developed an evolutionary algorithm for traveling salesman problems (TSPs) and applied it to several TSP-related bioinformatics problems. I dived deeper when I moved in to Dr. Li’s lab at the Genomics Research Center at Academia Sinica. Since his lab, I have been pursing gene regulatory mechanisms. More specifically, I am particularly interested in inferring the functions of transcription factor (TFs) and their recognized binding sites (TFBSs), as gene transcription is mainly regulated by interactions between TFs and TFBSs. I try to integrate computational techniques, statistical methods, and data from high-throughput biological experiments. Thus this bioinformatics stream of thought detailed how I dived into research, where I evolved from a Computer Scientist to a Bioinformatician.