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Analyzing Big Visual Data in Global Network Cameras- Rethink Computer Vision,Research to Commercialization: (Almost) Everything You Know is Wrong

  • LecturerProf. Yung-Hsiang Lu (ECE Purdue University)
    Host: Yuan-Hao Chang
  • Time2018-12-18 (Tue.) 14:00 – 16:00
  • LocationAuditorium106 at IIS new Building

Title: Research to Commercialization: (Almost) Everything You Know is Wrong

Abstract: Writing a research paper is hard; commercializing technologies is much harder. Dr. Lu will take you through a journey exploring commercialization opportunities.  He has participated in multiple entrepreneurship training programs on Purdue campus as well as serving as the Principal Investigator of a grant (IIP-1530914) from the National Science Foundation for market studies. He is a co-founder and the scientific advisor of a technology startup using video analytics for improving shoppers' experience in physical stores. The company has obtained $1M USD from the National Science Foundation and is raising investment fund now. This seminar will include a short speech about his experience followed by Q&A from the audience. He will explains the common misconceptions about commercialization and how to improve the chance of success (from extremely small to small).


Yung-Hsiang Lu is a professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and (by courtesy) the Department of Computer Science of Purdue University. He is an ACM distinguished scientist and ACM distinguished speaker. Since 2015, he is the lead organizer of IEEE Low-Power Image Recognition Challenge.  Dr. Lu and three Purdue undergraduate students founded a technology company using video analytics to improve shoppers' experience in physical stores. This company receives one million dollars in two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR-1 and SBIR-2) grants from the National Science Foundation.