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Moneyball 2.0: Sensors, Computer Vision, and AI. How can technology help sport science?

  • LecturerProf. Jason Jyh-How Huang (Department of Sport Information and Communication, National Taiwan University of Sport)
    Host: Ling-Jyh Chen
  • Time2020-09-25 (Fri.) 10:30 – 12:30
  • LocationAuditorium106 at IIS new Building

We are in the era of cheap computing power, inexpensive high speed cameras, 5G network and large storage space. That means chances for everyone, with one high speed camera, anyone can run motion analysis for baseball pitchers now. But which specialty is needed? How do teams use technology? How can you get a job with baseball teams? How do geeks talk to athletes? Jason Jyh-How Huang, with his experience working multiple years with different professional baseball teams, will tell you the answers in this talk.


Jason Jyh-How Huang got his PhD degree in CS, at Univ of Colorado at Boulder. He is the first, and only professor leaving NTNU (台師大) CS department for NTUS (臺體大). He's gotten trust from both pro baseball teams, coaches, and players. Some hitters and pitchers trained with his last offseason and are having their career year this year. There are many more to come this offseason.