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[IIS&CITI]Visionary Technology Seminar Series_後量子密碼學與美國國家標準局 (NIST) 的後量子密碼學競賽

  • LecturerDr. Bo-Yin Yang (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica)
    Host: K.M. Chung, D.N. Yang, Li Su
  • Time2020-10-29 (Thu.) 09:00 – 10:30
  • LocationAuditorium106 at IIS new Building(actual)
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Virtual Link

ID:170 703 3895


*This Series of talks are mainly open to staffs of IIS & CITI at Academia Sinica
**IIS reserves the right to determine the attendee's eligibilty for quality control purposes (applies for both actual and virtual meeting)


Yang Bo-Yin graduated from the Department of Physics, National Taiwan University. He received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1991 and started teaching in the Department of Mathematics at Tamkang University the following year. Since 2002, he has devoted himself to the research of applied cryptography, especially post-quantum cryptography. In 2006, he transferred to the Institute of Information of the Academia Sinica. Currently, he is a research fellow of the Institute of Information and holds joint appointment with the Center for Information Technology Innovation. During this time, he won the Sinica Career Advancement award (2010) and Investigator Awards (2015, 2020).  He has served the cryptographic community on many conference organizations, including as the Program Chair of PKC 2016 and the General Chair of CHES 2017.  Currently he serves as an Associate Editor for the IACR Transactions on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, and will be running Asiacrypt 2022 as a General Chair.  He is the co-inventor of the Ed25519 digital signature scheme, currently a standard on the internet, and joint proposer to two 3rd-round candidates of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology Postquantum competition: the Rainbow digital signature scheme and the NTRU Prime key establishment mechanism.