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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 22 No. 2, pp. 247-267 (March 2006)

Component Identification Methods Applying Method Call Types between Classes*

Misook Choi and Eunsook Cho*
Department of Computer Engineering
Woosuk University
Chonbuk 565-701, South Korea
*Department of Software
Seoil College
Seoul 131-720, Korea

Identifying reusable and autonomous components is one of the most important and difficult tasks in developing component-based systems. However, the existing component development methodologies do not provide a clear standard for component identification and depend on the intuition and experience of individual developers. As a result, people with limited expertise cannot easily identify components. This paper proposes methods to identify components based on object-oriented techniques including Use Case diagrams, Class diagrams, and Sequence diagrams. We use two distinct steps in identifying components, that is, system and business component identification. In particular, our proposal considers dynamic dependency characteristics of the method call types and directions. Case study and assessment with the existing identification approaches help to verify the practicality of our proposal.

Keywords: component identification, method call types between classes, system component, business component, dependency between classes

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Received July 1, 2005; accepted November 24, 2005.
Communicated by Sung Shin.