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Journal of Inforamtion Science and Engineering, Vol.10 No.2, pp.271-292 (June 1994)
Performance Analysis of p-persistent CSMA/CD and
CSMA Protocols with Buffered Users*

Chung-Yung Tseng and Szu-Lin Su
Department of Electrical Engineering
National Chung Kung University
Tainan, 701 Taiwan, R.O.C.

In this paper, p-persistent carrier sense multiple access protocols, with and without collision detection (CSMA/CD & CSMA), were analyzed based on the consideration of realistic network structure; i.e., there is a finite population of users, and each of them has a finite capacity of buffers. By constructing a two-dimentional semi-markov chain and examining th state of the system immediately after a transmission period, we can obtain a solution of the system.

Keywords: CSMA/CD protocol, buffered user, markov process, delay/performance analysis, maximun throughput at high load

Received June 1, 1992; revised January 18, 1994.
Communicated by Jin-Fu Chang.
This research is supported by National Science Council, R.O.C. under Grant NSC 81-0408-E-006-511.