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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol.19 No.3, pp.479-501 (May 2003)

A Scalable Core Migration Protocol
for Dynamic Multicast Tree*

Ting-Yuan Wang, Lih-Chyau Wuu** and Shing-Tsaan Huang+
Department of Computer Science
National Tsing Hua University
Hsinchu, 300 Taiwan
**Department of Electrical Engineering
National Yunlin University of Science & Technology
Touliu, 640 Taiwan
+Department of Computer Science
National Central University
Chungli, 320 Taiwan

In past years, researchers have proposed the Core Based Tree (CBT) and Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) protocols to route multicast data on the Internet. Such protocols need to locate the Core of a group to achieve efficient multicast routing. In this paper, we propose a scalable distributed protocol that can be used to move the Core to near-optimal location in the dynamic multicast tree, and that allows the Core to migrate efficiently when the multicast tree is expanded or shrunk. Our protocol does not require knowledge of the complete network topology, and information of all the members is distributed among local Agents; the Core only maintains the information of Agents of the group. Also, only the Agents participate in Core selection. Therefore, the proposed protocol reduces the runtime overhead and message complexity while performing Core migration.

Keywords: multicast tree, CBT, PIM, core migration, distributed algorithm

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Received May 15, 2002; accepted July 25, 2002.
Communicated by Biing-Feng Wang, Stephan Olariu and Gen-Huey Chen.
*This work is supported by National Science Council under grant number 91-2213E-2213E-224-014. A preliminary version of the paper was presented at the 2002 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Chungli, Taiwan.