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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 20 No. 6, pp. 1125-1139 (November 2004)

Content Delivery Network with Hot-Video Broadcasting and Peer-to-Peer Approach*

Julian Liu1, Su-Chiu Yang1, Hsiang-Fu Yu1,2 and Li-Ming Tseng1
1Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
2Computer Center
National Central University
Chungli, 320 Taiwan

With the growth of bandwidth, video/audio streaming services have become popular, and are considered a future killer application on the Internet. Many researches proposed several possible technologies for streaming services, such as hot-video broadcasting, caching, content delivery network (CDN), and peer-to-peer communications. In the paper, we propose a new streaming architecture combining the above technologies. We construct our CDN using two-level hashing, which the first level maps user requests to video servers, and in the second level, the selected video servers choose proxy cache servers for the requests. Once receiving the user request, the cache server first checks whether it has the requested video data. If the data are available, the server transmits them to the user over hot-video broadcasting. Otherwise, the server connects to the original video server for the data, which are then broadcast to the user. In addition, the server saves the user information in its hash table. When a user request for the same video arrives, the server can direct the request to the former user with the data, so as to save bandwidth. Finally, we have realized our architecture using Java language.

Keywords: hot-video broadcasting, content delivery network, cache, streaming, peer-to- peer communications

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Received March 30, 2004; accepted June 30, 2004.
Communicated by Don-Lin Yang.
* The authors would like to thank the National Science Council of the Republic of China for financially supporting this research under Contract No. NSC 92-2213-E-008-004.