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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 21 No. 2, pp. 259-286 (March 2005)

A Lazy Update Strategy for Minimizing Signaling Cost
Using the Forwarding Pointer in Mobile IP

Myung-Kyu Yi, Ui-Sung Song and Chong-Sun Hwang
Distributed Systems Laboratory
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Korea University
Seoul 136-701, Korea
E-mail: {kainos, ussong, hwang}

Mobile IP provides an efficient and scalable mechanism for achieving host mobility over the Internet. Using Mobile IP, mobile nodes may change their points of attachment to the Internet without changing their IP addresses. However, this will results in a high signaling cost of updating the location of a mobile node if it moves frequently. In this paper, we propose a lazy update strategy for minimizing the signaling cost using the forwarding pointer in hierarchical Mobile IPv6. Our work focuses on minimizing the signaling cost by eliminating unnecessary binding update messages when a mobile node does not communicate with others while moving. The analytical results show that our approach achieves better performance than the hierarchical Mobile IPv6 when the call to mobility ratio is low and the length of the forwarding pointer chain is short.

Keywords: mobile IP, location management, forwarding pointer, mobile IPv6, mobile computing

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Received June 2, 2003; revised June 11, 2004; accepted August 23, 2004.
Communicated by Chu-Sing Yang.
*This reserach was supported by University IT Research Center Project.