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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 22 No. 3, pp. 659-674 (May 2006)

Profile-Based Lifetime Determination Schemes for Mobility Management in HMIPv6

Sun Ok Yang, SungSuk Kim and Chong-Sun Hwang
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Korea Universiyt
Seoul, 136-701 Korea
+Department of Electronic Business
Seokyeong University
Seoul, 136-704 Korea

In Mobile IP, whether mobile nodes are moving or not, lots of messages have to be exchanged for various purposes. The frequent exchange of messages incurs overhead in several ways, especially in terms of energy use in mobile node. Of course, if fewer messages are delivered, issues related with authorization may become problematic. To deal with this situation properly, we propose new profile-based lifetime determination schemes. Our works are motivated by the observation that some people perform regular movements; thus, the related information can be useful for decreasing the number of messages forwarded. Therefore, each user can maintain a local profile based on movement logs. From the profile, the proper lifetime for a binding update message can be determined, which will also affect authorization for binding between mobile node and correspondent nodes. In extensive experiments, we mainly focused on bandwidth use for binding update messages. From the results, we found that our schemes can achieve considerable performance improvement by reducing the number of binding update messages at a small additional cost for the profile, which is an essential property in mobile computing environments.

Keywords: hierarchical MIPv6, binding update, lifetime determination, profile, mobility type

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Received March 19, 2004; revised October 11, 2004; accepted January 26, 2005.
Communicated by David Du.
* Sun Ok Yang, SungSuk Kim, Chong-Sun Hwang, and SangKeun Lee, Energy-efficient message management algorithms in HMIPv6, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications 2004 (ICCSA 04), Assisi, Italy, Vol. 8, pp. 281-289, May, 2004 (LNCS).
* This research was supported by University IT Research Center Project.