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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 23 No. 5, pp. 1379-1390 (September 2007)

Towards Reliable OSGi Operating Framework and Applications*

Heejune Ahn, Hyukjun Oh+ and Jiman Hong++
Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering
Seoul National University of Technology
Seoul, 139-743 Korea
+School of Electrical Engineering
Kwangwoon University
Seoul, 139-701 Korea
++School of Computing
Soongsil University
Seoul, 156-743 Korea

Upcoming ubiquitous computing systems are required to operate in dynamic, diverse, unverified, and unpredictable operating environment. The OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) framework employs the service-oriented approach and the Java ClassLoader architecture for the runtime service deployment, that are well suited to the dynamic environment envisioned for home networking and ubiquitous computing. However, the current OSGi framework does not provide full reliability measures, especially for failure conditions, such as network, device, and application failures. This paper analyzes software reliability issues in OSGi framework and proposes a proxy-based reliable extensions. The design concept was implemented and partly tested on an open source OSGi platform, Oscar, for the smart home residential gateway test-bed.

Keywords: OSGi, reliable operating systems, proxy-based, proxy wrapper, service oriented architecture (SOA)

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Received November 15, 2006; accepted February 15, 2007.
Communicated by Sung Shin and Tei-Wei Kuo.
*This paper was partially supported by SNUT Industrial-Academic Cooperation Program, BNSoft Corp., and Soongsil University Research Fund. ++Corresponding author