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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 24 No. 5, pp. 1309-1328 (September 2008)

An Approach for Synthesis Petri Nets for Modeling and Verifying Composite Web Service*

Zhi-Jun Ding, Jun-Li Wang+ and Chang-Jun Jiang+
College of Information Science & Engineering
Shandong University of Science & Technology
Qingdao, P.R. China
+Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Tongji University
Shanghai, P.R. China

An approach for modeling Web service composition by Petri nets which is based on OWL-S is proposed. By this approach, first, control flow of the composite web service is modeled based on top-down method. Then data flow model is constructed with Petri nets according to data flow specification. After that, by using a bottom-up approach, synchronous composition, the data flow net of the composite service is combined with the control flow net to obtain an integrated service net. So, the details can be introduced in an incremental way. Moreover, based on modeling approach, the boundedness and liveness properties of Petri net models are analyzed for guaranteeing the correctness of the composite Web service. Analysis and verification technique is based on the properties preservation criteria such that complexity is alleviated. Finally, an application of the proposed approach is presented for modeling a case study: BuyOnline Web service.

Keywords: web service, service composition, Petri net, modeling, verification, refinement, composition

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Received September 18, 2006; revised April 13, 2007; accepted April 17, 2008.
Communicated by Ming-Syan Chen.
*This work was supported in part by the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) (2003CB317002), in part by the National Natural Science Fund (60534060, 90718012) and Taishan Scholar Engineering Construction Found of Shandong Province.