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Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 32 No. 1, pp. 133-152 (January 2016)

A New Image Encryption Method Based on Knight¡¦s Travel Path and True Random Number

1Department of Information Technology
2Department of Computer Science and Engineering
PSG College of Technology
Coimbatore 641 004, India

Internet is an important part in the daily life of people in many ways, which allows the people in any corner of the world to share all types of information. Image encryption is used to transmit sensitive multimedia information in unsecured networks to provide high degree of confidentiality. In this paper, a new image encryption method is proposed based on novel implementation of pixel scan, utilizing the Knight¡¦s Travel Path, and true random number. The Knight¡¦s travel path is a pattern in which the path of a Knight around a chess board is taken without revisiting any node. This travel path pattern is used to permute the pixel positions of the original image to obtain the scrambled image. The scrambled image is further XORed with the random key numbers to get the cipher image. To change the pixel values of the scrambled image, true random numbers are generated from the amplitude values of a chosen noise audio file. Decryption is performed to confirm the reception of the sent image. The proposed method resists the statistical, differential, and entropy attacks significantly which have been demonstrated with various standard images.

Keywords: cryptography, image encryption, scan pattern, knight¡¦s travel path, true random number

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Received August 7, 2014; revised November 1, 2014; accepted February 11, 2015.
Communicated by Hahn-Ming Lee.